Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible-base
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-03-16 09:19:47
Message id:

Log Message:
ansible-base: updated to 2.10.7


Minor Changes
- ansible-test - Generation of an ``egg-info`` directory, if needed, is now done \ 
after installing test dependencies and before running tests. When running from \ 
an installed version of ``ansible-test`` a temporary directory is used to avoid \ 
permissions issues. Previously it was done before installing test dependencies \ 
and adjacent to the installed directory.
- ansible-test - now makes a better attempt to support podman when calling \ 
``docker images`` and asking for JSON format.

- ConfigManager - Normalize ConfigParser between Python2 and Python3 to for \ 
handling comments (
- InventoryManager - Fix unhandled exception when given limit file was actually \ 
a directory.
- InventoryManager - Fix unhandled exception when inventory directory was empty \ 
or contained empty subdirectories \ 
- add AlmaLinux to fact gathering (
- ansible-galaxy - fixed galaxy role init command \ 
- ansible-inventory CLI - Deal with failures when sorting JSON and you have \ 
incompatible key types (
- ansible-test - Running tests using an installed version of ``ansible-test`` \ 
against one Python version from another no longer fails due to a missing \ 
``egg-info`` directory. This could occur when testing plugins which import \ 
- ansible-test - Running tests using an installed version of ``ansible-test`` no \ 
longer generates an error attempting to create an ``egg-info`` directory when an \ 
existing one is not found in the expected location. This could occur if the \ 
existing ``egg-info`` directory included a Python version specifier in the name.
- default callback - Ensure that the ``host_pinned`` strategy is not treated as \ 
lockstep (
- ensure find_mount_point consistently returns text.
- ensure we don't clobber role vars data when getting an empty file
- find module - Stop traversing directories past the requested depth. \ 
- hostname - add Almalinux support (
- runtime routing - redirect ``firewalld`` to ``ansible.posix.firewalld`` FQCN \ 
- the unvault lookup plugin returned a byte string. Now returns a real string.
- yamllint - do not raise an ``AttributeError`` if a value is assigned to a \ 
module attribute at the top of the module.