Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/wesnoth
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-03-22 10:45:04
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Log Message:
wesnoth: updated to 1.14.16

Version 1.14.16
* Experimental AI: fixed a bug identifying hexes next to healers as healing locations
* Goto Micro AI:
  * Fixed bug when the avoid_enemies parameter is set to very small values
  * Fixed rare bug with blocked paths when ignoring enemies
* Protect Unit Micro AI: fixed bug when a unit is not on the AI side
* Multipack Wolves Micro AI: fixed error when a wolf is fully surrounded
* Dead Water:
  * Fix some characters’ names, which hadn’t been marked as translatable.
* Son of the Black-Eye:
  * S09: Name the enemy team.
* The South Guard:
  * S06b: Fix some enemies’ ambush abilities.
* Re-enabled topics for the terrain editor in the in-game help browser
* Added help topics for the scenario editor’s tools
* Added documentation about the files written by the editor
* Updated translations: British English, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), French,
  Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish
User interface
* Fixed color fringing issues with ClearType on Windows.
* Reduced font sizes for the unit HP/XP/MP/Vision/Defense displays on the \ 
sidebar at small resolutions to avoid overlaps.
* Rearranged the unit XP and vision displays on the sidebar to avoid running out \ 
of room for the XP display.
* Reduced font size for the ToD counter on the sidebar to avoid it being \ 
ellipsized too often.
* Gave the turn timer display the same icon as the system clock display.
* Anchored the Observers icon to the sidebar again in a way that does not allow \ 
it to overlap into it.
* Fixed the turn timer/system clock display on the top bar incorrectly using a \ 
larger font size at small resolutions.
* Rearranged the Defense display label on the sidebar slightly. It remains \ 
invisible in Wesnoth 1.14, however.
Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
* Added support to wmlxgettext for double-quote characters in translatable raw \ 
* Fixed an error message and the AI leader potentially not moving when it cannot \ 
reach a keep because it's occupied by an allied unit
* Fixed display zoom not being taken into account when using the `x`, `y`, \ 
`directional_x` and `directional_y` attributes in unit animations.
* Fixed `[terrain_defaults]` and `[resistance_defaults]`.
* Fixed an attack prediction assert that happened in rare combinations of the \ 
defender slowing and the attacker potentially leveling up, and a specific \ 
combination of standard and Monte Carlo attack evaluations