Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm
From: pin
Date: 2021-03-28 16:01:16
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Log Message:
x11/xterm: update to 367

Patch #367 - 2021/03/26
-add OSC 22 to allow programs to select different pointer cursor at runtime.
-change configuration for no-return functions to use _Noreturn when it is
available, because clang --analyze does not properly handle the gcc noreturn
-add cursorTheme resource to provide a way to enable or disable the cursor
theme feature.
-modified CopyWait event retries to use shorter sleeps, to improve
responsiveness (tmux #2556).
-improve quoting/escaping in demo-scripts per shellcheck.
-add resizeByPixel resource, to permit disabling window manager resizing-hints
(patch by Tim Oehl).
-corrected printOptsImmediate handling of alternate-screen (report by Abhijit
-update sample terminfo to more closely match ncurses.
-add/improve limit-checks for Xlib calls (report by Roman Fiedler).
-fix a typo in the help-message (report by Tomas Korbar).