Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/macchina
From: pin
Date: 2021-04-20 21:50:22
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Log Message:
sysutils/macchina: update to 0.7.0

Release v0.7.0, Codename "Cobalt".

Okay, before I tell you all about the new features and bug fixes, I'd like to
thank everybody that is actively using Macchina, and especially our

I'm very grateful that people find Macchina as interesting as I do. Our
codebase has grown from a small, glued-together set of instructions, to two
independent packages, providing users and developers the opportunity to inspect
the code and actually enjoy doing so :)

Let's take a look at the new changes:

-ASCII art now adapts to how many readouts are displayed, as suggested by
-Updated Linux big ASCII art variant.
-The title of "Emoji" theme, now named "Boron", can now be \ 
changed, and its
separator has been modified too.
-Removed jemallocator from the dependency list, this is due to build errors
primarily with libc, we started using this a while back, because its
performance improvements were promising, but I have just come to the conclusion
that the headaches it causes aren't worth it for the most part.
-A "Beryllium" theme has appeared!
-Themes now print their own name in the box title.
-Benchmarking with hyperfine has finally been fixed.
-Update Linux and NetBSD benchmarks.
-libmacchina: Optimizations for Linux, Android and OpenWrt by implementing an
interface for sysinfo struct and using that when possible.
-libmacchina (Linux): Optimize terminal fetching by utilizing a custom
implementation instead of calling ps.
-libmacchina (Linux): Distribution should now return NAME and VERSION whenever
possible, previously it was NAME and VERSION_ID.
-Fixed an issue where the palette doesn't respect the user-provided padding
-Added command autocompletion for bash and fish.
-libmacchina: Refactored many functions, fixing a lot of clippy's warnings.
-libmacchina: Added Android support.