Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/fasttracker2
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2021-05-26 04:34:02
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Log Message:
audio/fasttracker2: Updates to v1.47

Changes since v1.46

v1.47 - xx.05.2021
- Bugfix: The Lxx (Set Envelope Pos) XM effect was broken :(
- Added support for loading FLAC samples (w/ loop/vol./name information)
- Added support for loading '8-bit unsigned/32-bit float/64-bit double' AIFFs
- Added support for loading XMs with ADPCM sample compression (ModPlug Tracker)
- The windowed-sinc LUT now has 8192 phases instead of 4096 for a theoretical
  small interpolation precision improvement.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug with "Save rng." (Smp. Ed.) related to data \ 
  the loop end point.
- "Save rng." (Smp. Ed.) now asks if you want to overwrite an existing file
- Bugfix: The windowed-sinc interpolation was slightly wrong near the loop-start
  point on looped samples. Was only audible on super-tight loops.
- Mixer now uses 32-bit single-precision floats instead of 64-bit
  double-precision. The error difference in the audio output is +/- 1 (16-bit),
  which is only -90dbFS and not really audible. This should give a performance
  boost for devices that are slow with handling double-precision floats.
- Samples now have units of "samples" instead of bytes (in the sample \ 
  This means that 16-bit samples will show the same numbers as 8-bit samples.
- The sample editor is now drawing interpolated sample points when zoomed in
- Fixed a bug where the "Range" button in Smp. Ed. had problems if you had
  marked sample data after 65535 sample points.
- Fixed a problem where the mouse pointer could be broken in fullscreen mode
  at some screen resolutions (f.ex. 1600x900).
- Windows bugfix: Prevent ever-increasing memory usage while minimized.
  Possibly a bug in SDL_RenderClear(). Might've affected other systems too.
- Bugfix: Exit text edit mode when dropping a file onto the window. Fixes
  possible text cursor overflow issues.
- Bugfix: Some instrument/sample names could contain junk at the end after being
  saved (.XM/.XI).
- Bugfix: If you previously used an audio device that was disconnected before
  starting the program, it will now resort to the default audio device without
  reverting all your audio settings (buffer size, bit depth, frequency).
- Fixed possible crash if a channel's resampling rate/delta was zero (very rare)
- If you copy all the sample data in a sample, it will also copy over the sample
  information (loop, volume, finetune, name etc.) when you paste it to a new
- The "Get maximum scale" button in the "Volume" tool in \ 
Smp. Ed. will now
  get the actual scale instead of limiting it to the start/end vol max range.
  This means that you need only one pass to normalize the amplitude on a very
  quiet sample.
- The scopes now use linear interpolation for sample points in "Lined" mode
- Fixed a mistake in the S3M importer where "Set speed" commands with a
  parameter of >$1F were removed instead of being clamped.
- Clearing the instrument (numpad delete key) also clears instrument name now
- Added new keybinding: Press Ctrl + "numpad+"/"numpad-" to \ 
increase or decrease
  the master volume by 16.
- Updated the help text
- A *lot* of variable/function names have been changed to be easier to understand.
  This causes a mega-commit to the GitHub repo, and I'm sorry for that if you
  have a fork of it that you want to keep updated. :/
- Code cleanup (big one)