Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/openimageio
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-07-14 19:58:21
Message id:

Log Message:
openimageio: updated to 2.2.16

Release 2.2.16
* New UDIM texture name patterns recognized: `%(UDIM)d` is the Houdini
  convention, and `_u##v##` is for Animal Logic's internal renderer.
* When doing color space transforms on images with > 4 channels -- the
  additional channels are now copied unaltered, rather than leaving them
* FFMpeg: fix some encodings that didn't correctly recognize that they were
  more than 8 bits, or had alpha.
* farmhash.h: Clean up all non-namespaced preprocessor symbols that are set
  by this header and may pollute the caller's symbols.
* Fix crashes on M1 (ARM) based Mac.
* Bug fix: avid divide-by-0 error computing chunk size for invalid image
* `make_texture` (and `maketx` and `oiiotool -otex`) no longer crash if you
  try to make a texture out of a "deep" image; instead it will return an
  error message.
* filesystem.h: Improve exception safety in Filesystem directory iteration.
* Build: Improve finding of OpenJPEG.
* Build: Support for building OIIO with gcc 11.
* Build: Fixes to accommodate Imath 3.1 upcoming changes.
* Build: Finding FFMpeg now correctly detects the version.
* Build: clang + C++17 + LibRaw < 0.20 are mutually incompatible. Detect
  this combination and warn / disable libraw under those conditions.
* Build: Fix CMake behavior for `REQUIRED_DEPS` due to a typo.
* Build: Fixes for detecting and using Ptex, among other things got the
  version wrong.
* Testing: If a feature is disabled, skip its tests rather than reporting
  them as broken.
* CI: Test the combination of clang and C++17.