Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/samba4
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2021-07-25 17:58:04
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Log Message:
net/samba4: update to 4.3.10

Changes since 4.13.9

o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 14708: s3: smbd: Ensure POSIX default ACL is mapped into returned
     Windows ACL for directory handles.
   * BUG 14721: Take a copy to make sure we don't reference free'd memory.
   * BUG 14722: s3: lib: Fix talloc heirarcy error in parent_smb_fname().
   * BUG 14736: s3: smbd: Remove erroneous TALLOC_FREE(smb_fname_parent) in
     change_file_owner_to_parent() error path.

o  Andrew Bartlett <>
   * BUG 14575: samba-tool: Give better error information when the
     'domain backup restore' fails with a duplicate SID.

o  Ralph Boehme <>
   * BUG 14714: smbd: Correctly initialize close timestamp fields.
   * BUG 14740: Spotlight RPC service doesn't work with vfs_glusterfs.

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 14475: ctdb: Fix a crash in run_proc_signal_handler().

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * BUG 14750: gensec_krb5: Restore ipv6 support for kpasswd.
   * BUG 14752: smbXsrv_{open,session,tcon}: Protect
     smbXsrv_{open,session,tcon}_global_traverse_fn against invalid records.

o  Joseph Sutton <>
   * BUG 14027: samba-tool domain backup offline doesn't work against bind DLZ
   * BUG 14669: netcmd: Use next_free_rid() function to calculate a SID for
     restoring a backup.