Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/pbosh
From: Michael Baeuerle
Date: 2021-08-06 12:24:18
Message id:

Log Message:
shells/pbosh: Update to 20210729

Changelog from AN-2021-07-29:
- Bourne Shell: "cd -" now prints the new directory. POSIX requires this.

  Thanks to a report from Robert Elz.

- Bourne Shell: "make install" now works wit SuPro Make as well.
  Previously, the target /opt/schily/xpg4/bin/bosh (a symlink) was not
  installed because of a missing rule that caused SuPro Make to complain.
  about a target with no existing rule to make.

- Bourne Shell: z/OS only supports the minimum fields from struct rusage
  that are required by POSIX. We need the same hack as for HAIKU to
  be able to compile.

  Thanks to a report from Matthew R. Wilson

- Bourne Shell: z/OS does not #define MAXPATHLEN, so we #define it
  to be 1024 by default

  Thanks to a report from Matthew R. Wilson