Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/R-car
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2021-09-11 14:31:42
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Log Message:
(math/R-car) Updated 3.0.10 to 3.0.11

Changes to Version 3.0-11

  o boxCox() function now allows the use of any of the usual graphics
    parameters in the plot() function.  If particuar boxCox(model,
    main="my title") will add a title to the plot, and boxCox(model,
    main="") will suppress it.

  o car::Boot(object, method="residual") will work for
    method="residual" only if the car package has been previously
    attached via either library(car) or require(car).

  o Added error checking with vcov. argument.  Changed vcov.boot to
    print a warning of bootstrap replicates that returned NA

  o Introduced brief.tbl(), which simply calls print(), to cope with
    changes to tibbles.

  o qqPlot() fills (shades) confidence envelopes by default, and
    smoothers for scatterplots fill variance (spread) envelopes by
    default (suggestions of Michael Friendly).

  o Fixed problem in infIndexPlot.influence.lme() (reported by Francis
    L. Huang).

  o New "polr" and "svyolr" methods for vif() (following \ 
report by
    Abra Jeffers).

  o Make linearHypothesis() and Anova() work with "svyolr" objects via
    their default methods.

  o Regularize handling of vcov. argument in Anova() and

  o vcov. argument now works with Anova() for models produced by
    lme4::lmer() and glmer(), (fixing a bug reported by Amy MacDougall).

  o New linearHypothesis.lmList() method.

  o New "lm" method for symbox().

  o New cex and pt.wts arguments for avPlot() "lm" and "glm" \ 
    and for mcPlot.lm().

  o Fix handling of imatrix argument to Anova.mlm() (suggestion of
    Benedikt Langenberg).

  o Remove influence.merMod() and related methods in favor of versions
    of these methods in the lme4 package.

  o Rewrite "embedding" vignette.

  o Small fixes and improvements.