Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/R-pillar
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2021-09-18 16:19:07
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Log Message:
(misc/R-pillar) Updated 1.6.1 to 1.6.2

# pillar 1.6.2
## Options

- Options `pillar.print_max`, `pillar.print_min`, `pillar.width` and
  `pillar.max_extra_cols` are now queried before the corresponding
  `tibble.` or `dplyr.` options are consulted, the latter will be
  soft-deprecated in pillar v2.0.0 (#353).
- New `pillar.bidi` option. When active, control characters are
  inserted to improve display of data with right-to-left text (#333).
- The new `pillar.max_footer_lines` option (default: 7) allows
  controlling the maximum number of footer lines shown. It is applied
  in addition to the existing `tibble.max_extra_cols` option (#263).

## Formatting
- If a column doesn't make use of all horizontal width offered to it,
  the excess width is distributed over other columns (#331).
- Improved allocation of free space in multi-tier tables with
  `getOption("tibble.width") > getOption("width")` (#344).
- All pillars are shown with their true horizontal extent,
  irrespective of the indicated `width`. This simplifies the
  implementation of custom `pillar_shaft()` methods (#347).

## Features
- `num()` gains `extra_sigfig` argument to automatically show more
  significant figures for numbers of the same magnitude with subtle
  differences (#97).
- `print.tbl()` and `format.tbl()` support the `max_extra_cols` and
  `max_footer_lines` arguments that override the corresponding options
- `print.tbl()` and `format.tbl()` maps the now deprecated `n_extra`
  argument to `max_extra_cols` for consistency (#360).

## Bug fixes
- Avoid mangling of duplicate column names in footer (#332).
- Fix warning with zero of type `bit64::integer64()` (#319).

## Documentation
- All package options are now documented in `?pillar_options` (#339).
- `obj_sum()` no longer calls `type_sum()` for vectors since pillar
  v1.6.1, this is now documented (#321).
- Fix documentation on usage of `vctrs::vec_proxy()` and
  `vctrs::vec_restore()` (#322).

## Internal
- Using `attr(exact = TRUE)` everywhere.
- `is_vector_s3()` is no longer generic (#181).
- Fix internal logic around `vec_proxy()` and `vec_restore()` (#316).