Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/converters/py-charset-normalizer
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-09-19 12:39:10
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Log Message:
py-charset-normalizer: updated to 2.0.6

Version 2.0.6


Bugfix: 🐛 Unforeseen regression with the loss of the backward-compatibility \ 
with some older minor of Python 3.5.x
Bugfix: 🐛 Fix CLI crash when using --minimal output in certain cases
Improvement: ✨ Minor improvement to the detection efficiency (less than 1%)

Version 2.0.5


Internal: 🎨 The project now comply with: flake8, mypy, isort and black to \ 
ensure a better overall quality
Internal: 🎨 The was not exhaustive
Improvement: ✨ The BC-support with v1.x was improved, the old staticmethods \ 
are restored
Remove: 🔥 The project no longer raise warning on tiny content given for \ 
detection, will be simply logged as warning instead
Improvement: ✨ The Unicode detection is slightly improved
Bugfix: 🐛 In some rare case, the chunks extractor could cut in the middle of \ 
a multi-byte character and could mislead the mess detection
Bugfix: 🐛 Some rare 'space' characters could trip up the \ 
UnprintablePlugin/Mess detection
Improvement: 🎨 Add syntax sugar __bool__ for results CharsetMatches list-container

This release push further the detection coverage to 97 % !

Version 2.0.4


Improvement: ❇️ Adjust the MD to lower the sensitivity, thus improving the \ 
global detection reliability
Improvement: ❇️ Allow fallback on specified encoding if any
Bugfix: 🐛 The CLI no longer raise an unexpected exception when no encoding \ 
has been found
Bugfix: 🐛 Fix accessing the 'alphabets' property when the payload contains \ 
surrogate characters
Bugfix: 🐛 ✏️ The logger could mislead (explain=True) on detected \ 
languages and the impact of one MBCS match
Bugfix: 🐛 Submatch factoring could be wrong in rare edge cases
Bugfix: 🐛 Multiple files given to the CLI were ignored when publishing \ 
results to STDOUT. (After the first path)
Internal: 🎨 Fix line endings from CRLF to LF for certain files