Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/tor
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2021-12-17 20:09:28
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Log Message:
tor: update to

Changes in version - 2021-12-15
  This version fixes several bugs from earlier versions of Tor. One important
  piece is the removal of DNS timeout metric from the overload general signal.
  See below for more details.

  o Major bugfixes (relay, overload):
    - Don't make Tor DNS timeout trigger an overload general state.
      These timeouts are different from DNS server timeout. They have to
      be seen as timeout related to UX and not because of a network
      problem. Fixes bug 40527; bugfix on

  o Minor feature (reproducible build):
    - The repository can now build reproducible tarballs which adds the
      build command "make dist-reprod" for that purpose. Closes
      ticket 26299.

  o Minor features (compilation):
    - Give an error message if trying to build with a version of
      LibreSSL known not to work with Tor. (There's an incompatibility
      with LibreSSL versions 3.2.1 through 3.4.0 inclusive because of
      their incompatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.1's TLSv1.3 APIs.) Closes
      ticket 40511.

  o Minor features (fallbackdir):
    - Regenerate fallback directories generated on December 15, 2021.

  o Minor features (geoip data):
    - Update the geoip files to match the IPFire Location Database, as
      retrieved on 2021/12/15.

  o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    - Fix our configuration logic to detect whether we had OpenSSL 3:
      previously, our logic was reversed. This has no other effect than
      to change whether we suppress deprecated API warnings. Fixes bug
      40429; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (relay):
    - Reject IPv6-only DirPorts. Our reachability self-test forces
      DirPorts to be IPv4, but our configuration parser allowed them to
      be IPv6-only, which led to an assertion failure. Fixes bug 40494;
      bugfix on

  o Documentation (man, relay):
    - Missing "OverloadStatistics" in tor.1 manpage. Fixes bug 40504;
      bugfix on