Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/py-psutil
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-01-10 18:05:28
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Log Message:
py-psutil: updated to 5.9.0



- 1851_, [Linux]: `cpu_freq()`_ is slow on systems with many CPUs. Read current
  frequency values for all CPUs from ``/proc/cpuinfo`` instead of opening many
  files in ``/sys`` fs.  (patch by marxin)
- 1992_: `NoSuchProcess`_ message now specifies if the PID has been reused.
- 1992_: error classes (`NoSuchProcess`_, `AccessDenied`_, etc.) now have a better
  formatted and separated ``__repr__`` and ``__str__`` implementations.
- 1996_, [BSD]: add support for MidnightBSD.  (patch by Saeed Rasooli)
- 1999_, [Linux]: `disk_partitions()`_: convert ``/dev/root`` device (an alias
  used on some Linux distros) to real root device path.
- 2005_: ``PSUTIL_DEBUG`` mode now prints file name and line number of the debug
  messages coming from C extension modules.
- 2042_: rewrite HISTORY.rst to use hyperlinks pointing to psutil API doc.

**Bug fixes**

- 1456_, [macOS], **[critical]**: `cpu_freq()`_ ``min`` and ``max`` are set to
  0 if can't be determined (instead of crashing).
- 1512_, [macOS]: sometimes `Process.connections()`_ will crash with
  ``EOPNOTSUPP`` for one connection; this is now ignored.
- 1598_, [Windows]: `disk_partitions()`_ only returns mountpoints on drives
  where it first finds one.
- 1874_, [SunOS]: swap output error due to incorrect range.
- 1892_, [macOS]: `cpu_freq()`_ broken on Apple M1.
- 1901_, [macOS]: different functions, especially `Process.open_files()`_ and
  `Process.connections()`_, could randomly raise `AccessDenied`_ because the
  internal buffer of ``proc_pidinfo(PROC_PIDLISTFDS)`` syscall was not big enough.
  We now dynamically increase the buffer size until it's big enough instead of
  giving up and raising `AccessDenied`_, which was a fallback to avoid crashing.
- 1904_, [Windows]: ``OpenProcess`` fails with ``ERROR_SUCCESS`` due to
  ``GetLastError()`` called after ``sprintf()``.  (patch by alxchk)
- 1913_, [Linux]: `wait_procs()`_ should catch ``subprocess.TimeoutExpired``
- 1919_, [Linux]: `sensors_battery()`_ can raise ``TypeError`` on PureOS.
- 1921_, [Windows]: `swap_memory()`_ shows committed memory instead of swap.
- 1940_, [Linux]: psutil does not handle ``ENAMETOOLONG`` when accessing process
  file descriptors in procfs.  (patch by Nikita Radchenko)
- 1948_, **[critical]**: ``memoize_when_activated`` decorator is not thread-safe.
  (patch by Xuehai Pan)
- 1953_, [Windows], **[critical]**: `disk_partitions()`_ crashes due to
  insufficient buffer len. (patch by MaWe2019)
- 1965_, [Windows], **[critical]**: fix "Fatal Python error: deallocating \ 
  when calling `users()`_ multiple times.
- 1980_, [Windows]: 32bit / WoW64 processes fails to read ``_ longer
  than 128 characters resulting in `AccessDenied`_. This is now fixed.  (patch
  by PetrPospisil)
- 1991_, **[critical]**: `process_iter()`_ is not thread safe and can raise
  ``TypeError`` if invoked from multiple threads.
- 1956_, [macOS]: `Process.cpu_times()`_ reports incorrect timings on M1 machines.
  (patch by Olivier Dormond)
- 2023_, [Linux]: `cpu_freq()`_ return order is wrong on systems with more than
  9 CPUs.