Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/py-numba
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-01-14 20:52:24
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Log Message:
py-numba: updated to 0.55.0

Version 0.55.0

This release includes a significant number important dependency upgrades along \ 
with a number of new features and bug fixes.

Version 0.54.1

This is a bugfix release for 0.54.0. It fixes a regression in structured array \ 
type handling, a potential leak on initialization failure in the CUDA target, a \ 
regression caused by Numba’s vendored cloudpickle module resetting dynamic \ 
classes and a few minor testing/infrastructure related problems.

Version 0.53.1

This is a bugfix release for 0.53.0. It contains the following four \ 
pull-requests which fix two critical regressions and two build failures reported \ 
by the openSuSe team:

* Fix regression on gufunc serialization
* Fix regression in CUDA: Set stream in mapped and managed array device_setup
* Ignore warnings from packaging module when testing import behaviour.
* set non-reported llvm timing values to 0.0

Version 0.53.0

This release continues to add new features, bug fixes and stability improvements \ 
to Numba.

Highlights of core changes:

Support for Python 3.9
Function sub-typing
Initial support for dynamic gufuncs
Parallel Accelerator (@njit(parallel=True) now supports Fortran ordered arrays

Version 0.52.0

This release focuses on performance improvements, but also adds some new \ 
features and contains numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.