Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/wesnoth
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-01-21 21:37:08
Message id:

Log Message:
wesnoth: updated to 1.16.2

Version 1.16.2
   * Delfador’s Memoirs
     * S07: Clarified objectives
   * Descent into Darkness
     * S08: Prevent possibility of Darken Volk advancing to Lich
   * Heir to the Throne
     * S05b: Temples given an aged appearance to match ‘ancient temples’ \ 
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * Added notes about Thursagan’s rune mechanics
     * S04: Mining objectives are much clearer now
   * Secret of the Ancients
     * S06: Ardonna should no longer mistake hostile bats as ‘my pet’
     * S20: Directions “left” and “right” in character speech now use \ 
the character’s orientation, not the player’s
     * Consistently capitalise the name of the Academy of Magic
   * The Rise of Wesnoth
     * S08: The appearance of Naga is now smoother
     * S08: Refactored ship-boarding events
     * S19: The troll’s gold is automatically collected upon victory if not \ 
already obtained
     * S19: Avoid units spawning over chasms
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * Correct Traveler’s Ring description
     * Remove the “formation” ability from the attack predictions dialog, as \ 
it was in a confusing location; its effect is still shown in the calculations \ 
and chance-to-hit percentage
     * S02: Pinnacle Rock is now shown during dialogue
     * S04: Improve dialogue about dark underground tunnels
     * S06b:
       * Account for non-elvish units encountering Dwarf Sergeant
       * Grog will not die as quick now
       * Hermit dialogue cannot be accidentally skipped now
       * Fixed bug where tentacles would not spawn
       * Fast units cannot get stuck on the wall now
       * Camera now moves to where the charges are blown up
       * Fixed weird scout AI behaviour
     * S09: Rebels joining Kaleh’s side are now loyal
     * The last unit killed to trigger certain events should no longer linger \ 
during those events
     * The Dark Assassin’s race is not revealed until uncloaked
     * The Dust Devil’s XP bar is now blue
   * World Conquest:
     * Fixed for Winged Scepter not giving the correct defence values
     * Corrected the attack icon of ice bow from a lightning bolt to an iceball
   * Lobby joins are no longer displayed in chat even when that preference has \ 
been disabled
   * Added a specific prompt for moderators before joining password-protected games
   * Fixed add-ons not getting enabled for clients, leading to errors such as \ 
Unknown Terrain
   * Fixed an information leak where planned multi-turn moves could be visible \ 
to enemy players
   * Made planned moves visible to allies; this refers to trying to move more \ 
hexes than the unit can move this turn, it isn’t the whiteboard
  Lua API
   * Fixed an error in `gui.get_user_choice()` and added support for the current \ 
DescriptionWML syntax
   * Added translations: Spanish (Latin American)
   * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, \ 
Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Scottish Gaelic, Turkish.
   * Lots of corrections of typos in `en_US` (untranslated text), which will \ 
require marking translations as `non-fuzzy` again
   * Implemented delayed translation option for gettext plurals
   * Comments in .po files are now kept in order when the .pot is regenerated
   * Added attack image for the Bone Knight’s trample
   * Added attack image for the Nightblade’s kick
  User interface
   * Improved translatability of MP ban durations
   * Fixed missing sidebar tooltips in low resolutions such as 800x600
 Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Password storage was fixed to work with multiple accounts
   * wmllint now automatically removes `{MAGENTA_IS_THE_TEAM_COLOR}`
   * Added workaround for connecting to the multiplayer server taking too long \ 
when Chinese or Japanese language is selected
   * Added `KeyboardInterrupt` handling to many Python WML tools
   * Added `--simple-version` command line option
   * wmllint, wmlscope and wmlindent now support the command line `--version` \ 
flag, which reports the current version of Wesnoth
   * wmllint is now capable of handling unit levels and types when checking \ 
recruitment patterns.
   * Fixed units on a recall list sometimes being put on the map by \ 
`[modify_unit]` or `[store_unit]...[unstore_unit]`
   * Fixed abilities that are shown as weapon specials in the attack prediction \ 
window being shown on the placeholder for units with no ranged attack, or dark \ 
adepts' melee response
   * Fixed a glitch after a move is interrupted, paths to the hex where the move \ 
started were shown

Version 1.16.1
  Add-ons server
   * Fixed `core=` attribute in `_server.pbl` being completely ignored
   * Tutorial
     * Use a portrait on the Campaigns menu.
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * S02p5: Added defeat condition if Alanin dies.
   * Increased the limits of timer values (up to 10 minutes turn bonus, 50 \ 
minutes reservoir).
   * Re-added HTML character escaping.
  Lua API
   * Fixed an error in `gui.get_user_choice()`.
   * Fixed an error in handling `x,y` locations
   * Fixed missing dependency on boost-math in the vcpkg config.
   * Made `` install libraries for `wesnothd` too.
   * Updated translations: Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil).
   * Added po hints for time format strings.
  User interface
   * Made the Add-ons Manager search box less unwieldy on very small resolutions.
   * Made listbox header toggle buttons taller.
  WML Engine
   * Fixed `[item]x,y=` at scenario scope
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Fixed missing tooltips on the side-bar (hover over the unit type to see a \ 
description, etc).
   * Fixed several issues in the multiplayer server about TLS connections, \ 
error-handling and disconnections.
   * Added `.DS_Store` and `Thumbs.db` to wmltool's list of files to ignore.