Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-asyncssh
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-01-24 13:50:28
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Log Message:
py-asyncssh: updated to 2.9.0

Release 2.9.0 (23 Jan 2022)

* Added mypy-compatible type annotations to all AsyncSSH modules, and a
  "py.typed" file to signal that annotations are now available for this

* Added experimental support for SFTP versions 4-6. While AsyncSSH still
  defaults to only advertising version 3 when acting as both a client and
  a server, applications can explicitly enable support for later versions,
  which will be used if both ends of the connection agree. Not all features
  are fully supported, but a number of useful enhancements are now
  available, including as users and groups specified by name, higher
  resolution timestamps, and more granular error reporting.

* Updated documentation to make it clear that keys from a PKCS11 provider
  or ssh-agent will be used even when client_keys is specified, unless
  those sources are explicitly disabled.

* Improved handling of task cancellation in AsyncSSH to avoid triggering
  an error of "Future exception was never retrieved". Thanks go to \ 
  Kotlenga for reporting this issue and providing test code to reliably
  reproduce it.

* Changed implementation of OpenSSH keepalive handler to improve
  interoperability with servers which don't expect a "success" response
  when this message is sent.

Release 2.8.1 (8 Nov 2021)

* Fixed a regression in handling of the passphrase argument used to
  decrypt private keys.

Release 2.8.0 (3 Nov 2021)

* Added new connect_timeout option to set a timeout which includes the
  time taken to open an outbound TCP connection, allowing connections
  to be aborted without waiting for the default socket connect timeout.
  The existing login_timeout option only applies after the TCP connection
  was established, so it could not be used for this. The support for the
  ConnectTimeout config file option has also been updated to use this new
  capability, making it more consistent with OpenSSH's behavior.

* Added the ability to use the passphrase argument specified in a connect
  call to be used to decrypt keys used to connect to bastion hosts.
  Previously, this argument was only applied when making a connection
  to the main host and encrypted keys could only be used when they
  were loaded separately.

* Updated AsyncSSH's "Record" class to make it more IDE-friendly when
  it comes to things like auto-completion. This class is used as a base
  class for SSHCompletedProcess and various SFTP attribute classes.
  Thanks go to Github user zentarim for suggesting this improvement.

* Fixed a potential uncaught exception when handling forwarded connections
  which are immediately closed by a peer.