Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/unbound
From: Havard Eidnes
Date: 2022-02-10 14:17:53
Message id:

Log Message:
Update unbound to version 1.15.0.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * none, other than checksums.

Upstream changes:

This release has bug fixes for crashes that happened on heavy network
usage. The default for the aggressive-nsec option has changed, it is now

The ratelimit logic had to be reworked for the crash fixes. As a result,
there are new options to control the behaviour of ratelimiting.
The ratelimit-backoff and ip-ratelimit-backoff options can be used to
control how severe the backoff is when the ratelimit is exceeded.

The rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra option can be used to unset the RA flag, for
NXDOMAIN answers from RPZ. That is used by some clients to detect that
the domain is externally blocked. The RPZ option for-downstream can be
used like for auth zones, this allows the RPZ zone information to be
queried. That can be useful for monitoring scripts.

- Fix #596: unset the RA bit when a query is blocked by an unbound
  RPZ nxdomain reply. The option rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra allows to
  signal that a domain is externally blocked to clients when it
  is blocked with NXDOMAIN by unsetting RA.
- Add rpz: for-downstream: yesno option, where the RPZ zone is
  authoritatively answered for, so the RPZ zone contents can be
  checked with DNS queries directed at the RPZ zone.
- Merge PR #616: Update ratelimit logic. It also introduces
  ratelimit-backoff and ip-ratelimit-backoff configuration options.
- Change aggressive-nsec default to yes.

Bug Fixes
- Fix compile warning for if_nametoindex on windows 64bit.
- Merge PR #581 from fobser: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes and -Wshadow
  warnings in rpz.
- Fix validator debug output about DS support, print correct algorithm.
- Add code similar to fix for ldns for tab between strings, for
  consistency, the test case was not broken.
- Allow local-data for classes other than IN to inherit a configured
  local-zone's type if possible, instead of defaulting to type
  transparent as per the implicit rule.
- Fix to pick up other class local zone information before unlock.
- Add missing configure flags for optional features in the
- Fix Unbound capitalization in the documentation.
- Fix #591: Unbound-anchor manpage links to non-existent license file.
- contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch file renewed diff content to
  apply cleanly to the current coderepo for the current code version.
- Fix to add test for rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra.
- Fix #596: only unset RA when NXDOMAIN is signalled.
- Fix that RPZ does not set RD flag on replies, it should be copied
  from the query.
- Fix for #596: fix that rpz return message is returned and not just
  the rcode from the iterator return path. This fixes signal unset RA
  after a CNAME.
- Fix unit tests for rpz now that the AA flag returns successfully from
  the iterator loop.
- Fix for #596: add unit test for nsdname trigger and signal unset RA.
- Fix for #596: add unit test for nsip trigger and signal unset RA.
- Fix #598: Fix unbound-checkconf fatal error: module conf
  'respip dns64 validator iterator' is not known to work.
- Fix for #596: Fix rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra to work for clientip
  triggered operation.
- Merge #600 from pemensik: Change file mode before changing file
- Fix prematurely terminated TCP queries when a reply has the same ID.
- For #602: Allow the module-config "subnetcache validator cachedb
- Fix EDNS to upstream where the same option could be attached
  more than once.
- Add a region to serviced_query for allocations.
- For dnstap, do not wakeupnow right there. Instead zero the timer to
  force the wakeup callback asap.
- Fix #610: Undefine-shift in sldns_str2wire_hip_buf.
- Fix #588: Unbound 1.13.2 crashes due to p->pc is NULL in
- Merge PR #612: TCP race condition.
- Test for NSID in SERVFAIL response due to DNSSEC bogus.
- Fix #599: [FR] RFC 9156 (obsoletes RFC 7816), by noting the new RFC
- Fix tls-* and ssl-* documented alternate syntax to also be available
  through remote-control and unbound-checkconf.
- Better cleanup on failed DoT/DoH listening socket creation.
- iana portlist update.
- Fix review comment for use-after-free when failing to send UDP out.
- Merge PR #603 from fobser: Use OpenSSL 1.1 API to access DSA and RSA
- Merge PR #532 from Shchelk: Fix: buffer overflow bug.
- Merge PR #617: Update stub/forward-host notation to accept port and
- Update stream_ssl.tdir test to also use the new forward-host
- Fix header comment for doxygen for authextstrtoaddr.
- please clang analyzer for loop in test code.
- Fix docker splint test to use more portable uname.
- Update contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch with diff for current
  software version.
- Fix for #611: Integer overflow in sldns_wire2str_pkt_scan.