Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/ImageMagick
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2022-04-25 11:26:14
Message id:

Log Message:
ImageMagick: update to

- Use the generated file instead.
- release commits
- Changed the minimum version for libheif to 1.4.0.
- Get the intensity before changing the of the pixel channels (thanks Snibgo) #5067.
- initialize composite variables as they are declared
- Use version 3 of checkout.
- bump revisition
- Create ChangeLog during the release build.
- fix rare but possible memory leak
- use old-style comment declarations
- Try without %GITHUB_WORKSPACE%
- autoconf latest update
- eliminate Coverity defect
- ensure we don't dereference null pointer
- The default fetch-depth is 1.
- Use date of latest change to m4/version.m4 instead.
- laterst automake/autoconf update
- latest autoconf update
- eliminate Coverity defects
- Added option to mark the version as beta.
- Call CloseBlob earlier because we read the image from the file instead.
- latest autoconf/automake updates
- release
- set threshold policy by default
- Added missing with.
- fix compiler warning
- Added version checks for heif_check_filetype (#5049).
- eliminate compiler warning
- Changed triggers for the release build.
- unecessary check for null
- off-by-one fix
- Removed path.
- Changed fetch depth.
- Temporary list folder content.
- Corrected typo.
- fix copyright format
- proper check for number of channels
- Silenced warning when version is lower that 1.4.0.
- Removed parentheses.
- Also correct stroke opacity.
- Added missing cd.