Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/gdal-lib
From: Greg Troxel
Date: 2022-05-13 15:28:52
Message id:

Log Message:
geography/gdal*: Update to 3.5.0

## Summary

* [RFC 84](
  Addition of a CMake build system, which deprecates the existing
  autoconf/automake and nmake build systems, that will be removed
  in GDAL 3.6.0. Users are encouraged to adopt the new CMake build system.
  Documentation of the CMake build system is at
* Add GDT_Int64 and GDT_UInt64 data types and handle them in MEM, GTiff, netCDF \ 
and Zarr drivers
* Add read/write OGR Parquet (Apache Parquet) and 'Arrow' (Apache Arrow IPC \ 
File/Feather or stream) drivers. Only in CMake builds
* Add OGR HANA database driver. Only in autoconf & cmake builds
* Removed drivers: RDA, JPEG2000 (Jasper-based), CharLS, MG4 LIDAR, FujiBAS, \ 
IDA, INGR, ARCGEN, ArcObjects, CouchDB, Cloudant, DB2, FME, Geomedia, MDB (Java \ 
Jackess based), GTM, Ingres, MongoDB (old one. MongoDBv3 is the one to use now), \ 
REC, Walk, GMT raster, DODS raster and vector
* GDAL and OGR GRASS drivers moved to repository
* Tiger: remove deprecated write side of the driver (#4216)
* Remove deprecated SWIG Perl bindings
* Code linting and security fixes
* Bump of shared lib major version

## Removed files

* Remove deprecated testepsg utility (#3993)