Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible-lint
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-05-14 06:49:06
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Log Message:
ansible-lint: updated to 6.1.0


Minor Changes

Implement JSON Schema verification for several known file types
Improve cli argument handling
Add no-prompting rule as experimental
Add only-builtins rule to check compatibility with core
Add native SARIF output support
--write: Optionally pass rule names to --write in cli
--write: Allow Transforms to mark MatchErrors as fixed


Fix support for block tasks in unnamed-task rule
Make sure all tasks get evaluated by matchtask including block/always/rescue and \ 
nested tasks
Ensure tags are escaped when printed
Detect role argument_specs files as a lintable kind
Fix var-naming rule to show line numbers and apply noqa
--write: Do not rewrite zero 0 as octal 00
Relax the yamllint rules on spaces inside braces for flow mappings
Update test and typing deps and remove special code paths for py < 3.8
Update package metadata for setuptools
Apply var-spacing tests to vars files
Add philosophy section to the documentation
Propagate error message to user on systemexit
Fix loading ansible-lint.yml in git projects