Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/R-car
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2022-05-22 01:09:12
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Log Message:
(math/R-car) Updated 3.0.11 to 3.0.13

Changes to Version 3.0-13

  o Handle singularities better in Anova.mlm() (suggestion of Marius Barth).

  o Fixed error reporting in logit() (bug reported by Collin Erickson).

  o Added pt.cex and cex sub-arguments to legend argument of
  scatterplotMatrix() (implicit suggestion of Duncan Mackay).

  o New vif.lm() method with options for handling linear models with interactions.

  o Fixed bug in cooks.distance.influence.lme() (in effect, incorrect
  division by the error variance twice rather than once), and a sign
  error in dfbeta.influence.lme() and dfbetas.influence.lme()
  (following report by Ben Bolker).

  o Added an error.df argument to the default methods of
  linearHypothesis() and Anova() for computing F-tests; if the
  argument is unspecified, then df.residual() is applied to the model,
  and if df.residual() returns NULL or NA, then an asymptotic
  chi-square test is substituted for the F-test (in response to a
  report by Adrian Olszewski that Anova() fails for gls models when an
  F-test is requested).

Changes to Version 3.0-12

  o The 'rio` package is now suggested, not required.  To use the
  Import() and Export() functions users may need to install rio using

  o hccm() now reports an interpretable error, except for type = "hc0"
  or "hc1", when there are cases with hatvalues = 1 (following problem
  reported by Peng Ding).

  o Fix bug in rownames in dfbetasPlots.lm() (reported by Shu Fai

  o Package 'rio' was moved from Imports to Suggests. Both Import()
  and Export() now check for the availability of 'rio' first and
  report an error otherwise.