Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/news/sfeed
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2022-05-28 20:42:30
Message id:

Log Message:
sfeed: Update to 1.5

* sfeed_curses: interrupt waitpid while interactive child program is running
  This now handles SIGTERM on sfeed_curses while an interactive child program is
* sfeed_curses: close stdin before spawning a plumb program in non-interactive
  mode, which is more intuitive: the program doesn't seem to hang when it expects
  input in this case since there is no way to send input anyway.
* Properly escape backslashes in the man pages (thanks adc!).
* Documentation improvements to the man pages and a progress indicator example
  script for sfeed_update.

* Improve read and write error handling in streams in many programs.
* sfeed_update:
  * Improve error handling and return a non-zero status if any feed fails.
    NOTE: this changes the way of using:
        sfeed_update && pkill -SIGHUP sfeed_curses
  * Separate errors to stderr and "OK" messages to stdout.
* sfeed_curses:
  * Avoid processes becoming a zombie (plumb, pipe, yank).
  * Line editor: temporarily disable the mouse when searching with /.
  * Improved signal handling.
  * Improved waiting on processes and status handling.
* sfeed_html/sfeed_frames: add dark mode support to the example stylesheet.
* sfeed_opml_export: use a control-character separator for converting the list.
* General code cleanup improvements.
* Compatibility: reduce the assumption the builtin libc locale is ASCII-compatible
  noticed on OpenBSD 3.8 where iscntrl detected C1 as control-characters,
  breaking UTF-8.
* General documentation improvements.
* Makefile: rebuild sfeed_curses if the same theme changes.
* README: improve error handling in downloader example when a feed fails.