Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/gnucash-docs
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2022-06-28 11:30:52
Message id:

Log Message:
gnucash-docs: update to 4.11.

 4.11  - 26 June 2022
        o Bug 798414 -No way to get whole of account column displayed
        o Fix crosslinking between Help and the Guide so that nightlies link
          to nightly builds and releases link to release documents on

        o Add Description of installing Perl for Finance::Quote
        o Change gnc-local-$LANG into gnc-gui-$LANG in all files.
        o dtd-docbook: Separation of the declaration of entities of the GUI
          from their translatable part.
        o Add tests related to images and figures
          * Warn if document references images that don't exist
          * inform if images exist that are not referenced
        o Require same cmake version as gnucash program
        o FO formatting, Added parameter to PdfTarget to improve the
          presentation of 'glosslist' elements.
        o [SQL Backends] Clarify footnote about required additional packages.
        o Fix path to find svg files
        o dtd-docbook: Added an explanation of the syntax and corrected some
          previous entries.
        o dtd-docbook: further work to simplify the translation of menu items
        o dtd-docbook: add more translatable GUI elements (menuitems)
        o gnc-docbookx.dtd, Optimize links to Selinger's docs