Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/difftastic
From: pin
Date: 2022-07-05 09:00:50
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devel/difftastic: update to 0.30.0

0.30 (released 4th July 2022)
-Added support for HTML and Julia.

-Fixed an issue where line numbers were coloured even when colour was disabled.
-Improved alignment when files contain Unicode characters that are more than
 one column wide.
-Improved syntax highlighting for conditionals, particularly for Dart, Elvish
 and HCL.

Command Line Interface
--node-limit has been replaced by --graph-limit, and the corresponding
environment variable DFT_NODE_LIMIT has been replaced with DFT_GRAPH_LIMIT.

--graph-limit makes difftastic give up on structural diffs after traversing
this many graph nodes. --node-limit applied a limit based on an estimate of
how big the graph would be, leading to very slow diffs when the estimate
was wrong.

This new setting sets a more accurate limit on difftastic performance. It also
means that difftastic will always try a structural diff first. This will be
slower for files that exceed --graph-limit, but guarantees that files with a
small number of changes will always get a structural diff.