Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/ircd-hybrid
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2022-07-05 12:45:30
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Log Message:
chat/ircd-hybrid: Updates to 8.2.40

Changes since 8.2.39:

-- Noteworthy changes in version 8.2.40 (2022-07-02)
* 'channel::disable_fake_channels' now also blocks strikethrough text (0x1E (30))
* 'KNOCK' can now be used on private channels. Channel mode 'K' may be used instead
  to control whether or not 'KNOCK' is allowed on a channel.
* Support for '/dev/poll' has been dropped
* 'INFO' now also reports configured values of 'channel::default_join_flood_count'
  and 'channel::default_join_flood_time'
* The founder 'q' and admin 'a' channel prefix modes have been implemented.
  These are optional and can be enabled with the new 'channel::enable_owner'
  and 'channel::enable_admin' configuration directives.
* Channel half-ops may now kick other half-ops
* Extban '$K' of type acting has been implemented. This extban prevents
  matching users from using the 'KNOCK' command.
* Server-side channel mode locking 'MLOCK' has been implemented
* Fixed server name leak in 'WHOWAS' with 'serverhide::hide_services' enabled