Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/binutils
From: Frederic Cambus
Date: 2022-08-06 11:49:32
Message id:

Log Message:
binutils: update to 2.39.

This release contains numerous bug fixes, and also the following new

  * The ELF linker will now generate a warning message if the stack is made
    executable.  Similarly it will warn if the output binary contains a
    segment with all three of the read, write and execute permission
    bits set.  These warnings are intended to help developers identify
    programs which might be vulnerable to attack via these executable
    memory regions.

    The warnings are enabled by default but can be disabled via a command
    line option.  It is also possible to build a linker with the warnings
    disabled, should that be necessary.

  * The ELF linker now supports a --package-metadata option that allows
    embedding a JSON payload in accordance to the Package Metadata

  * In linker scripts it is now possible to use TYPE=<type> in an output
    section description to set the section type value.

  * The objdump program now supports coloured/colored syntax
    highlighting of its disassembler output for some architectures.
    (Currently: AVR, RiscV, s390, x86, x86_64).

  * The nm program now supports a --no-weak/-W option to make it ignore
    weak symbols.

  * The readelf and objdump programs now support a -wE option to prevent
    them from attempting to access debuginfod servers when following

  * The objcopy program's --weaken, --weaken-symbol, and
    --weaken-symbols options now works with unique symbols as well.