Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/binaryen
From: Frederic Cambus
Date: 2022-09-04 16:36:07
Message id:

Log Message:
binaryen: update to 110.


- Add support for non-nullable locals in wasm GC.
- Add support for multiple memories.
- Add support for the wasm Strings proposal. (see PRs with [Strings] in name)
- Add a new flag to Directize, `--pass-arg=directize-initial-contents-immutable`
  which indicates the initial table contents are immutable. That is the case for
  LLVM, for example, and it allows us to optimize more indirect calls to direct
- Change constant values of some reference types in the C and JS APIs. This is
  only observable if you hardcode specific values instead of calling the
  relevant methods (like `BinaryenTypeDataref()`).
- `BinaryenModulePrintStackIR`, `BinaryenModuleWriteStackIR` and
  `BinaryenModuleAllocateAndWriteStackIR` now have an extra boolean
  argument `optimize`.
- Remove support for the `let` instruction that has been removed from the typed
  function references spec.
- HeapType::ext has been restored but is no longer a subtype of HeapType::any to
  match the latest updates in the GC spec.
- `i31ref` and `dataref` are now nullable to match the latest GC spec.
- Add support for `extern.externalize` and `extern.internalize`.