Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/grafana
From: Jonathan Perkin
Date: 2022-11-15 17:45:27
Message id:

Log Message:
grafana: Update to 9.2.4.

9.2.4 (2022-11-07)

Features and enhancements
  Access Control: Add an endpoint for setting several managed resource permissions.
  Accessibility: Increase Select placeholder contrast to be WCAG AA compliant.
  Alerting: Append org ID to alert notification URLs.
  Alerting: Make the Grouped view the default one for Rules.
  Build: Remove unnecessary alpine package updates.
  Chore: Upgrade Go to 1.19.3.
  Google Cloud Monitoring: Set frame interval to draw null values.
  Instrumentation: Expose when the binary was built as a gauge.
  Loki: Preserve X-ID-Token header.
  Search: Reduce requests in folder view.
  TimeSeries: More thorough detection of negative values for auto-stacking direction.

Bug fixes
  Alerting: Attempt to preserve UID from migrated legacy channel.
  Alerting: Fix response is not returned for invalid Duration in Provisioning API.
  Alerting: Fix screenshot is not taken for stale series.
  Auth: Fix admins not seeing pending invites.
  MSSQL/Postgres: Fix visual query editor filter disappearing.
  Tempo: Fix dropdown issue on tag field focus.
  Timeseries: Fix null pointer when matching fill below to field.

Plugin development fixes & changes
  Toolkit: Fix Webpack less-loader config.