Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/proj
From: Greg Troxel
Date: 2022-11-27 14:30:45
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Log Message:
geography/proj: Update to 7.2.1

proj 7 is a major update from 6.  From the pkgsrc viewpoint, the
biggest change is that grid files ("proj data") are now in the
proj-data package, rather than being an option in the proj package.
The other significant change is that proj depends on curl because it
can download grid files as needed.  For now, using proj-data remains
the recommended approach for pkgsrc users.

A summary of significant changes from proj 6 follows, omitting:
  - new projections
  - new grid files
  - normal housekeeping updates (e.g. new EPSG versions)
  - minor improvements
  - bugfixes
  - documentation changes
As always, one can read upstream NEWS.

Post-7.0.0 Notes

  o The tests in the proj package should pass independent of whether
    proj-data is installed (unlike the proj 6 package).

  o Add API function proj_get_units_from_database() (#2065)

  o Add API function proj_get_suggested_operation() (#2068)

  o Add API functions proj_degree_input() and proj_degree_output() (#2144)

  o proj_list_units() deprecated, superceeded by proj_get_units_from_database()

  o proj_list_angular_units() deprecated, superceeded by \ 

  o projinfo: add a --hide-ballpark option (#2127)

7.0.0 Release Notes

The major feature in PROJ 7 is significantly improved handling of gridded
models. This was implemented in RFC4 (
The main features of the RFC4 work is that PROJ now implements a new grid format,
Geodetic TIFF grids, for exchaning gridded transformation models. In addition
to the new grid format, PROJ can now also access grids online using a data
store in the cloud.

The grids that was previously available via the proj-datumgrid packages are now
available in two places:

  1. As a single combined data archive including all available resource files
     [This is ../geography/proj-data.]
  2. From the cloud via

In Addition, provided with PROJ is a utility called projsync that can be used
download grids from the data store in the cloud.

The use of the new grid format and the data from the cloud requires that
PROJ is build against libtiff and libcurl. Both are optional dependencies
to PROJ but it is highly encouraged that the software is build against both.

ATTENTION: PROJ 7 will be last major release version that includes the proj_api.h
header. The functionality in proj_api.h is deprecated and only supported in
maintenance mode. It is inferior to the functionality provided by functions
in the proj.h header and all projects still relying on proj_api.h are encouraged
to migrate to the new API in proj.h. See
for more info on how to migrate from the old to the new API.

 o Require C99 compiler (#1624)

 o Remove deprecated JNI bindings (#1825)