Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-12-03 16:53:41
Message id:

Log Message:
sqlrelay: updated to 1.9.3

1.9.3 - added some missing SQLGetInfo() attributes to the ODBC driver
        backported fixes for PHP 8
        backported support for Oracle 18 and 19
        backported a fix for some missing map clears in postgresql protocol
        backported a fix for NULL-binds in the ODBC driver
        backported -fdeclspec configure test for ruby with clang
        backported a postgresql isnull fix
        backported patch from Kyle to use HH24 instead of HH in default
                fakeinputbindvariablesdateformat string
        backported mysql connection segfault fix
        disabled PQsendQueryPrepared/PQsetSingleRowMode to fix nested query
                bug with postgresql
        backported postgresql noRowsToReturn fix

1.9.2 - ruby cursor constructor marks associated ruby connection object now
        updated bad-command and no-cursor-available handling in sqlrclient
                protocol module
        fixed a subtle bug that could cause closeResultSet()/clearError() not
                to be called between reexecutes if the previous execute resulted
                in an error
        backported support for password files in userlist auth modules

1.9.1 - fixed some missing map clears in postgresql protocol module
        fixed NULL-bind in the ODBC driver

1.9.0 - added missing inequality operators to end-of-bind detection
        fixed commit/begin without commitcount error in sqlrimportcsv
        fetch errors aren't returned if sqlrclient protocol version < 2
        query-intercept catches "begin transaction" now
        query-intercept doesn't intercept various begin-type statements if the
                query is actually a block of sql containing commit or rollback
        added ncharencoding option to odbc connection to enable UTF-16 values
                in SQL Server nchars/nvarchars
        fixed a bug that caused output binds of length 8000+ to fail on
                SQL Server
        begin() runs "begin transaction" instead of just \ 
"begin" on SQL Server
        fixed a column-count reset bug in odbc, db2, informix, and postgresql
                that could cause begin queries to fail when fake transaction
                blocks are used
        object lists have correct column names for mysql, odbc, and jdbc now
        fixed a bug that caused rollback to be called insted of commit when
                endofsession="commit" and faketransactionblocks=yes \ 
are used
        commit/rollback is now called at the end of session when
                faketransactoinblocks=yes is used, whether or not the server
                believes it's in a transaction block, to catch cases where the
                begin-interceptor is intentionally bypassed
        sqlrimportcsv handles dates without centuries now
        fixed crash in replay module when table name is quoted
        mysql explain statements work now
        fixed node-gyp.js detection on ubuntu 20.04
        added configure options for PHP 8.x
        added php/pdo module tweaks for PHP 8
        mysql and postgresql protocol modules support TLS now
        pushed most of tls/gss code up into sqlrprotocol parent class
        fixed subtle issues in mysql/postgresql database modules that could
                sometimes cause reexecutes of the same query with the same
                bind variables to return no results the second time
        the configure script specifically looks for liberl_interface.a now
        updated nodejs macros for node 14+
        fixed subtle bugs in Python getField, getFieldLength, and
                getRowLengthsDictionary functions
        added GVL management to the Ruby API
        applied patch from Igor to fix configure.vbs VC++ version detection
                for non-US versions