Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-12-07 12:53:58
Message id:

Log Message:
python310 py310-html-docs: updated to 3.10.9

Python 3.10.9 final


gh-100001: python -m http.server no longer allows terminal control characters \ 
sent within a garbage request to be printed to the stderr server log.

This is done by changing the http.server BaseHTTPRequestHandler .log_message \ 
method to replace control characters with a \xHH hex escape before printing.

gh-87604: Avoid publishing list of active per-interpreter audit hooks via the gc \ 

gh-98433: The IDNA codec decoder used on DNS hostnames by socket or asyncio \ 
related name resolution functions no longer involves a quadratic algorithm. This \ 
prevents a potential CPU denial of service if an out-of-spec excessive length \ 
hostname involving bidirectional characters were decoded. Some protocols such as \ 
urllib http 3xx redirects potentially allow for an attacker to supply such a \ 

gh-98739: Update bundled libexpat to 2.5.0

gh-98517: Port XKCP’s fix for the buffer overflows in SHA-3 (CVE-2022-37454).

gh-97514: On Linux the multiprocessing module returns to using filesystem backed \ 
unix domain sockets for communication with the forkserver process instead of the \ 
Linux abstract socket namespace. Only code that chooses to use the \ 
“forkserver” start method is affected.

Abstract sockets have no permissions and could allow any user on the system in \ 
the same network namespace (often the whole system) to inject code into the \ 
multiprocessing forkserver process. This was a potential privilege escalation. \ 
Filesystem based socket permissions restrict this to the forkserver process user \ 
as was the default in Python 3.8 and earlier.

This prevents Linux CVE-2022-42919.

Core and Builtins

gh-99578: Fix a reference bug in _imp.create_builtin() after the creation of the \ 
first sub-interpreter for modules builtins and sys. Patch by Victor Stinner.
gh-99581: Fixed a bug that was causing a buffer overflow if the tokenizer copies \ 
a line missing the newline caracter from a file that is as long as the available \ 
tokenizer buffer. Patch by Pablo galindo
gh-96055: Update faulthandler to emit an error message with the proper \ 
unexpected signal number. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
gh-98852: Fix subscription of types.GenericAlias instances containing bare \ 
generic types: for example tuple[A, T][int], where A is a generic type, and T is \ 
a type variable.
gh-98415: Fix detection of MAC addresses for uuid on certain OSs. Patch by Chaim \ 
gh-92119: Print exception class name instead of its string representation when \ 
raising errors from ctypes calls.
gh-93696: Allow pdb to locate source for frozen modules in the standard library.
bpo-31718: Raise ValueError instead of SystemError when methods of uninitialized \ 
io.IncrementalNewlineDecoder objects are called. Patch by Oren Milman.
bpo-38031: Fix a possible assertion failure in io.FileIO when the opener returns \ 
an invalid file descriptor.


gh-100001: Also escape s in the http.server BaseHTTPRequestHandler.log_message \ 
so that it is technically possible to parse the line and reconstruct what the \ 
original data was. Without this a xHH is ambiguious as to if it is a hex \ 
replacement we put in or the characters r”x” came through in the original \ 
request line.
gh-93453: asyncio.get_event_loop() now only emits a deprecation warning when a \ 
new event loop was created implicitly. It no longer emits a deprecation warning \ 
if the current event loop was set.
gh-51524: Fix bug when calling trace.CoverageResults with valid infile.
gh-99645: Fix a bug in handling class cleanups in unittest.TestCase. Now \ 
addClassCleanup() uses separate lists for different TestCase subclasses, and \ 
doClassCleanups() only cleans up the particular class.
gh-97001: Release the GIL when calling termios APIs to avoid blocking threads.
gh-99341: Fix ast.increment_lineno() to also cover ast.TypeIgnore when changing \ 
line numbers.
gh-74044: Fixed bug where inspect.signature() reported incorrect arguments for \ 
decorated methods.
gh-99275: Fix SystemError in ctypes when exception was not set during \ 
gh-99155: Fix statistics.NormalDist pickle with 0 and 1 protocols.
gh-99134: Update the bundled copy of pip to version 22.3.1.
gh-99130: Apply bugfixes from importlib_metadata 4.11.4, namely: In \ 
PathDistribution._name_from_stem, avoid including parts of the extension in the \ 
result. In PathDistribution._normalized_name, ensure names loaded from the stem \ 
of the filename are also normalized, ensuring duplicate entry points by packages \ 
varying only by non-normalized name are hidden.
gh-83004: Clean up refleak on failed module initialisation in _zoneinfo
gh-83004: Clean up refleaks on failed module initialisation in in _pickle
gh-83004: Clean up refleak on failed module initialisation in _io.
gh-98897: Fix memory leak in math.dist() when both points don’t have the same \ 
dimension. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
gh-98793: Fix argument typechecks in _overlapped.WSAConnect() and \ 
_overlapped.Overlapped.WSASendTo() functions.
gh-98740: Fix internal error in the re module which in very rare circumstances \ 
prevented compilation of a regular expression containing a conditional \ 
expression without the “else” branch.
gh-98703: Fix asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() to call protocol.connection_lost \ 
callback only once on Windows.
gh-98624: Add a mutex to unittest.mock.NonCallableMock to protect concurrent \ 
access to mock attributes.
gh-89237: Fix hang on Windows in subprocess.wait_closed() in asyncio with \ 
ProactorEventLoop. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
gh-98458: Fix infinite loop in unittest when a self-referencing chained \ 
exception is raised
gh-97928: tkinter.Text.count() raises now an exception for options starting with \ 
“-” instead of silently ignoring them.
gh-97966: On uname_result, restored expectation that _fields and _asdict would \ 
include all six properties including processor.
gh-98331: Update the bundled copies of pip and setuptools to versions 22.3 and \ 
65.5.0 respectively.
gh-96035: Fix bug in urllib.parse.urlparse() that causes certain port numbers \ 
containing whitespace, underscores, plus and minus signs, or non-ASCII digits to \ 
be incorrectly accepted.
gh-98251: Allow venv to pass along PYTHON* variables to ensurepip and pip when \ 
they do not impact path resolution
gh-98178: On macOS, fix a crash in syslog.syslog() in multi-threaded \ 
applications. On macOS, the libc syslog() function is not thread-safe, so \ 
syslog.syslog() no longer releases the GIL to call it. Patch by Victor Stinner.
gh-96151: Allow BUILTINS to be a valid field name for frozen dataclasses.
gh-98086: Make sure patch.dict() can be applied on async functions.
gh-88863: To avoid apparent memory leaks when asyncio.open_connection() raises, \ 
break reference cycles generated by local exception and future instances (which \ 
has exception instance as its member var). Patch by Dong Uk, Kang.
gh-93858: Prevent error when activating venv in nested fish instances.
bpo-46364: Restrict use of sockets instead of pipes for stdin of subprocesses \ 
created by asyncio to AIX platform only.
bpo-38523: shutil.copytree() now applies the ignore_dangling_symlinks argument \ 
bpo-36267: Fix IndexError in argparse.ArgumentParser when a store_true action is \ 
given an explicit argument.


gh-92892: Document that calling variadic functions with ctypes requires special \ 
care on macOS/arm64 (and possibly other platforms).


gh-99892: Skip test_normalization() of test_unicodedata if it fails to download \ 
NormalizationTest.txt file from Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-34272: Some C API tests were moved into the new Lib/test/test_capi/ directory.


gh-99086: Fix -Wimplicit-int, -Wstrict-prototypes, and \ 
-Wimplicit-function-declaration compiler warnings in configure checks.
gh-99086: Fix -Wimplicit-int compiler warning in configure check for \ 
gh-97731: Specify the full path to the source location for make docclean (needed \ 
for cross-builds).
gh-98671: Fix NO_MISALIGNED_ACCESSES being not defined for the SHA3 extension \ 
when HAVE_ALIGNED_REQUIRED is set. Allowing builds on hardware that unaligned \ 
memory accesses are not allowed.


gh-99345: Use faster initialization functions to detect install location for \ 
Windows Store package
gh-98689: Update Windows builds to zlib v1.2.13. v1.2.12 has CVE-2022-37434, but \ 
the vulnerable inflateGetHeader API is not used by Python.
gh-94328: Update Windows installer to use SQLite 3.39.4.
bpo-40882: Fix a memory leak in multiprocessing.shared_memory.SharedMemory on \ 


gh-94328: Update macOS installer to SQLite 3.39.4.


gh-97527: Fix a bug in the previous bugfix that caused IDLE to not start when \ 
run with 3.10.8, 3.12.0a1, and at least Microsoft Python 3.10.2288.0 installed \ 
without the Lib/test package. 3.11.0 was never affected.


gh-95731: Fix handling of module docstrings in Tools/i18n/