Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/news/tin
From: Michael Baeuerle
Date: 2023-01-25 19:06:41
Message id:

Log Message:
news/tin: Update to 2.6.2

Added upstream patch to fix build.

-- 2.6.2 release 20221224 "Pittyvaich" --

 009) Florian Weimer <>
      Thomas E. Dickey <>
      ADD. missing #include directives to improve C99 compatibility
      FIX. aclocal.m4, configure

 008) Enrik Berkhan <>
      BUG. remove alleged Y2K38 safety issues
      ADD. ~ and $VAR expansion to tinrc option tls_ca_cert_file
      ADD. simplify code and refactor to fix an unused variable complaint
      ADD. pcre2 support (debian bug #999941, fedora bug #2128388)
      ADD. NNTPS support based on libressl/GNUttls/OpenSSL (RFC 8143)
      ADD. TLS connection info
      ADD. switch from stdio to own buffer implementation
      FIX. config.c, cook.c, feed.c, filter.c, group.c, init.c, lang.c, main.c
           memory.c, misc.c, nntplib.c, nntps.c, options_menu.c, page.c, read.c
           regex.c, save.c, screen.c, search.c, select.c, wildmat.c
           autoconf.h[in], extern.h, nntplib.h, proto.h, tinrc.h, tin.h
           tnntp.h, tnntps.h, tincfg.tbl, parsdate.y, configure[.in]
           Makefile[.in], tin.1

 007) Dennis Preiser <>
      BUG. backward search for a non empty line got stuck in endless loop
      BUG. reading a faulty mime article via NNTP could hang tin
           (debian bug #1005024)
      BUG. a long group name isn't shortened appropriately in group level
      BUG. config changes via 'M'enu were not immediately active for
           show_signatures, verbatim_handling, tex2iso_conf and
      BUG. after posting an article from selection or group level the cursor
           remains visible in the lower left corner
      ADD. tinrc.show_help_mail_sign
      ADD. get $TMPDIR just once
      ADD. option to remove SOFT HYPHENs (U+00AD) from non verbatim blocks of
           articles in UTF-8 and using a UTF-8 locale
      BUG. show actual help-key in txt_type_h_for_help
      FIX. config.c, cook.c, debug.c, filter.c, group.c, init.c, lang.c, mail.c
           misc.c, my_tmpfile.c, newsrc.c, options_menu.c, page.c, pgp.c
           regex.c, rfc2046.c, refs.c, save.c, screen.c, search.c, select.c
           thread.c, extern.h, proto.h, tin.h, tinrc.h, tincfg.tbl, tin.1

 006) Thomas E. Dickey <>
      BUG. configure --with-included-gettext was non-functional since tin 2.4.2
      ADD. update configure macros
      FIX. aclocal.m4, intl/, intl/plural.c

 005) Urs Janssen <>
      ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
      ADD. code cleanup; remove redundant condition and unused var;
           add some missing casts and _Noreturn
      ADD. ignore set but empty env.-vars
      ADD. try harder when looking for keymap-file, try locale "suffixes"
           from language[_territory[.codeset]][@modifier] with parts
           stripped off in order: codeset, normalized codeset, territory,
      ADD. guard against empty inews_prog and empty mm_charset in
           !CHARSET_CONVERSION case
      ADD. warn about some more nonsensical cmd.-line option combinations
      ADD. exit early at -o when there are no postponed articles
      ADD. reduce memory usage for xface
      ADD. list of leap years from 2040 to 2068
      ADD. restrict URL_REGEX to disallow non ascii chars in path
      ADD. accept active file lines even without moderation flag
      ADD. do not try NEXT again after an ERR_COMMAND response
      ADD. ConnectionInfo page ('J')
      ADD. update tin_atol() to new SI prefix names Ronna and Quetta
      ADD. experimental MAXARTNUM extension
      BUG. missing default tinrc.editor_format on first start
      BUG. typo in man page
      BUG. possible memleak in check_article_to_be_posted if article has
           multiple To:, Followup-To: or Newsgroups:-headers
      BUG. possible buffer overflow in find_reply_to_addr
      BUG. f'up to an article without a message-id (possible in mailgroups)
      BUG. hypothetic missing string termination
      BUG. need to convert utf8pass to network charset unconditionally in
      FIX. active.c, art.c, auth.c, config.c, filter.c, group.c, help.c
           inews.c, init.c, keymap.c, lang.c, main.c, makecfg.c, mimetypes.c
           misc.c, nntplib.c, options_menu.c, page.c, post.c, pgp.c, rfc1524.c
           rfc2046.c, save.c, select.c, signal.c, string.c, thread.c, wildmat.c
           xface.c, parsdate.y, extern.h, keymap.h, nntplib.h, proto.h, tin.h
           tin.1, tin.5, config.guess, config.sub, configure[.in]