Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-03-12 15:05:22
Message id:

Log Message:
py-yubikey-manager, ykman: update to 5.0.1

* Version 5.0.1 (released 2023-01-17)
 ** Bugfix: Fix the interactive confirmation prompt for some CLI commands.
 ** Bugfix: OpenPGP Signature PIN policy values were swapped.
 ** Bugfix: FIDO: Handle discoverable credentials that are missing name or \ 
 ** Add support for Python 3.11.
 ** Remove extra whitespace characters from CLI into command output.

* Version 5.0.0 (released 2022-10-19)
 ** Various cleanups and improvements to the API.
 ** Improvements to the handling of YubiKeys and connections.
 ** Command aliases for ykman 3.x (introduced in ykman 4.0) have now been dropped.
 ** Installers for ykman are now provided for Windows (amd64) and MacOS (universal2).
 ** Logging has been improved, and a new TRAFFIC level has been introduced.
 ** The codebase has been improved for scripting usage, either directly as a Python
    module, or via the new "ykman script" command.
    See doc/Scripting.adoc, doc/Library_Usage.adoc, and examples/ for more details.
 ** PIV: Add support for dotted-string OIDs when parsing RFC4514 strings.
 ** PIV: Drop support for signing certificates and CSRs with SHA-1.
 ** FIDO: Credential management commands have been improved to deal with ambiguity
    in certain cases.
 ** OATH: Access Keys ("remembered" passwords) are now stored in the \ 
system keyring.
 ** OpenPGP: Commands have been added to manage PINs.

* Version 4.0.9 (released 2022-06-17)
 ** Dependency: Add support for python-fido2 1.x
  ** Fix: Drop stated support for Click 6 as features from 7 are being used.

* Version 4.0.8 (released 2022-01-31)
 ** Bugfix: Fix error message for invalid modhex when programing a YubiOTP \ 
 ** Bugfix: Fix issue with displaying a Steam credential when it is the only account.
 ** Bugfix: Prevent installation of files in site-packages root.
 ** Bugfix: Fix cleanup logic in PIV for protected management key.
 ** Add support for token identifier when programming slot-based HOTP.
 ** Add support for programming NDEF in text mode.
 ** Dependency: Add support for Cryptography <= 38.

* Version 4.0.7 (released 2021-09-08)
 ** Bugfix release: Fix broken naming for "YubiKey 4", and a small \ 
OATH issue with
    touch Steam credentials.

* Version 4.0.6 (released 2021-09-08)
 ** Improve handling of YubiKey device reboots.
 ** More consistently mask PIN/password input in prompts.
 ** Support switching mode over CCID for YubiKey Edge.
 ** Run pkill from PATH instead of fixed location.

* Version 4.0.5 (released 2021-07-16)
 ** Bugfix: Fix PIV feature detection for some YubiKey NEO versions.
 ** Bugfix: Fix argument short form for --period when adding TOTP credentials.
 ** Bugfix: More strict validation for some arguments, resulting in better error \ 
 ** Bugfix: Correctly handle TOTP credentials using period != 30 AND touch_required.
 ** Bugfix: Fix prompting for access code in the otp settings command (now uses \ 
"-A -").

* Version 4.0.3 (released 2021-05-17)
 ** Add support for fido reset over NFC.
 ** Bugfix: The --touch argument to piv change-management-key was ignored.
 ** Bugfix: Don't prompt for password when importing PIV key/cert if file is invalid.
 ** Bugfix: Fix setting touch-eject/auto-eject for YubiKey 4 and NEO.
 ** Bugfix: Detect PKCS#12 format when outer sequence uses indefinite length.
 ** Dependency: Add support for Click 8.

* Version 4.0.2 (released 2021-04-12)
 ** Update device names.
 ** Add read_info output to the --diagnose command, and show exception types.
 ** Bugfix: Fix read_info for YubiKey Plus.

* Version 4.0.1 (released 2021-03-29)
 ** Add support for YK5-based FIPS YubiKeys.
 ** Bugfix: Fix OTP device enumeration on Win32.

* Version 4.0.0 (released 2021-03-02)
 ** Drop support for Python < 3.6.
 ** Drop reliance on libusb and libykpersonalize.
 ** Support the "fido" and "otp" subcommands over NFC (using \ 
the --reader flag)
 ** New "ykman --diagnose" command to aid in troubleshooting.
 ** New "ykman apdu" command for sending raw APDUs over the smart card \ 
 ** Restructuring of subcommands, with aliases for old versions (to be removed
    in a future release).
 ** Major changes to the underlying "library" code:
  *** New "yubikit" package added for custom development and advanced \ 
  *** Type hints added for a large part of the "public" API.
 ** OpenPGP: Add support for KDF enabled YubiKeys.
 ** Static password: Add support for FR, IT, UK and BEPO keyboard layouts.

* Version 3.1.2 (released 2021-01-21)
 ** Bugfix release: Fix dependency on python-fido2 version.