Subject: CVS commit: wip/iptables
From: Jeremy C. Reed
Date: 2004-06-04 21:40:28
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to iptables-1.2.9. The changes are:
- ip(6)tables-save/restore: fix memory leaks
- ip6tables: fix printout of odd length netmasks
- condition match: fix iptables-save
- fuzzy match: fix ip(6)tables-save
- mac match: fix ip(6)tables-save if used inverted (!)
- ip6tables udp match: check for invalid port ranges
- LOG target: fix iptables-save (save loglevel numerically)
- mport match: fix iptables-save (save numerically)
- libipq: fix ipq_id_t definition on 'real' 64bit/64bit architectures
- libip6tc: fix ipv6_prefix_length endianness bugs
- MASQUERADE target: don't accept negative port numbers
- physdev match: fix new structure layout for kernel > 2.6.0-test8
- build plugins for connlimit, iprange, realm, CLASSIFY, CONNMARK, NETMAP
- libip(6)tc: Speedup due to inceremental chain cache updates
- recent match: Update to version 0.3.1 that was submitted to the kernel
- physdev match: add --physdev-is-{in,out,bridge} option
- REJECT target: add support for ICMP administratively prohibited
- conntrack match: add suport for CONFIRMED / unconfirmed state
- ROUTE target: new option: continue traversal
- varios cosmetic cleanups
- iptables/libiptc: add support for the new 'raw' table

Allow manpages to install to custom location.

Get rid of hard-coded KERNEL_DIR from a non-existing local directory.
(This needs to be improved to use linux-kernel-headers package
if needed.)