Subject: CVS commit: wip/bluez-utils
From: Ondrej Tuma
Date: 2007-09-30 22:35:40
Message id:

Log Message:
ver 3.19:
        Limit range of bitpool announced while in ACP side.
        Use poll instead of usleep to wait for worker thread.
        Use default event mask from the specification.
        Add HID proxy support for Logitech diNovo Edge dongle.
        Add refresh option to re-request device names.
        Show correct connection link type.

ver 3.18:
        Implement proper locking for headsets.
        Fix various A2DP SEP locking issues.
        Fix and cleanup audio stream handling.
        Fix stream starting if suspend request is pending.
        Fix A2DP and AVDTP endianess problems.
        Add network timeout and retransmission support.
        Add more detailed decoding of EIR elements.

ver 3.17:
        Fix crashes in audio and network services.
        Check PAN source and destination roles.
        Only export the needed symbols for the plugins.

ver 3.16:
        Add support for headsets with SCO audio over HCI.
        Add support for auto-create through ALSA plugin.
        Add support for ALSA plugin parameters.
        Add GStreamer plugin with SBC decoder and encoder.
        Fix network service NAP, GN and PANU servers.
        Set EIR information from SDP database.

ver 3.15:
        Add A2DP support to the audio service.
        Add proxy support to the serial service.
        Set service classes value from SDP database.

ver 3.14:
        Add missing signals for the adapter interface.
        Add basic commands for Simple Pairing.
        Add correct Simple Pairing and EIR interaction.
        Add missing properties for remote information.
        Add EPoX endian quirk to the input service.
        Fix HID descriptor import and storage functions.
        Fix handling of adapters in raw mode.
        Fix remote device listing methods.

ver 3.13:
        Fix some issues with the headset support.
        Fix concurrent pending connection attempts.
        Fix usage of devname instead of netdev.
        Add identifier for Nokia SyncML records.
        Add command for reading the CSR chip revision.
        Add generic CSR radio test support.

ver 3.12:
        Add support for limited discovery mode.
        Add support for setting of event mask.
        Add GetRemoteServiceIdentifiers method.
        Add skeleton for local D-Bus server.
        Add headset gain control methods.
        Fix various headset implementation issues.
        Fix various serial port service issues.
        Fix various input service issues.
        Let CUPS plugin discover printers in range.
        Improve the BCM2035 UART init routine.
        Ignore connection events for non-ACL links.

ver 3.11:
        Update API documentation.
        Minimize SDP root records and browse groups.
        Use same decoder for text and URL strings.
        Fix SDP pattern extraction for XML.
        Fix network connection persistent state.
        Add network connection helper methods.
        Add initial version of serial port support.
        Add class of device tracking.

ver 3.10.1:
        Add option to disable installation of manual pages.
        Fix input service encryption setup.
        Fix serial service methods.
        Fix network service connection handling.
        Provide a simple init script.

ver 3.10:
        Add initial version of network service.
        Add initial version of serial service.
        Add initial version of input service.
        Add initial version of audio service.
        Add authorization framework.
        Add integer based SBC library.

ver 3.9:
        Add RemoteDeviceDisconnectRequested signal.
        Add updated service framework.
        Add embedded GLib library.
        Add support for using system GLib library.
        Create internal SDP server library.

ver 3.8:
        Sort discovered devices list based on their RSSI.
        Send DiscoverableTimeoutChanged signal.
        Fix local and remote name validity checking.
        Add ListRemoteDevices and ListRecentRemoteDevices methods.
        Add basic integration of confirmation concept.
        Add support for service record description via XML.
        Add support for external commands to the RFCOMM utility.
        Add experimental service and authorization API.

ver 3.7:
        Fix class of device handling.
        Fix error replies with pairing and security mode 3.
        Fix disconnect method for RFCOMM connections.
        Add match pattern for service searches.
        Add support for prioritized watches.

ver 3.6.1:
        Fix IO channel race conditions.
        Fix pairing issues on big endian systems.
        Fix pairing issues with page timeout errors.
        Fix pairing state for security mode 3 requests.
        Switch to user as default security manager mode.

ver 3.6:
        Update D-Bus based RFCOMM interface support.
        Use L2CAP raw sockets for HCI connection creation.
        Add periodic discovery support to the D-Bus interface.
        Add initial support for device names via EIR.
        Add proper UTF-8 validation of device names.
        Add support for the J-Three keyboard.