Subject: CVS commit: wip/py-pylons
From: Kamel Derouiche
Date: 2010-07-14 15:23:37
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Log Message:
Import py26-pylons-1.0 as wip/py-pylons.

The Pylons web framework is aimed at making webapps and large
programmatic website development in Python easy. Several key points:

* A framework to make writing web applications in Python easy
* Inspired by Rails and TurboGears
* Utilizes a minimalist, component-based philosophy that makes it easy
  to expand on
* Harness existing knowledge about Python

Pylons makes it easy to expand on your knowledge of Python to master
Pylons for web development. Using a MVC style dispath, Python
knowledge is used at various levels:

* The Controller is just a basic Python class, called for each
  request. Customizing the response is as easy as overriding __call__
  to make your webapp work how you want.
* Myghty templating compiles directly to Python byte-code for speed
  and utilizes Python for template control rather than creating its
  own template syntax for "for, while, etc"