Subject: CVS commit: wip/tcl-iwidgets
From: othyro
Date: 2012-09-29 04:59:48
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Log Message:
Import tcl-iwidgets-4.0.1 as wip/tcl-iwidgets.

[incr Widgets] is an object-oriented mega-widget set which extends Tcl/Tk and is
based on [incr Tcl] and [incr Tk]. This set of mega-widgets delivers many new,
general purpose widgets like option menus, comboboxes, selection boxes, and
various dialogs whose couterparts are found in Motif and Windows. Since [incr
Widgets] is based on the [incr Tk] extension, the Tk framework of configuration
options, widget commands, and default bindings is maintained.  In other words,
each [incr Widgets] mega-widget seamlessly blends with the standard Tk widgets.
They look, act and feel like Tk widgets. In addition, all [incr Widgets]
mega-widgets are object oriented and may themselves be extended, using either
inheritance or composition.

[incr Widgets] offers a strong object-oriented foundation which addresses the
need for a flexible and extensible mega-widget set. Its usage replaces common
widget combinations with higher level abstractions, simplifying code, reducing
errors, increasing readability, adding productivity, and promoting a singular
look-and-feel. The ability to extend [incr Widgets] enables developers to create
new mega-widgets based on previous work.