Subject: CVS commit: wip/p5-Class-DBI-Sweet
From: Hiramatsu Yoshifumi
Date: 2013-04-13 09:01:05
Message id:

Log Message:
Update p5-Class-DBI-Sweet to 0.11.

Changes from previous:
0.11 Mon Jul 25 2011
    - fix out of scope 'skip_alls' in tests [ishigaki]

0.10 Mon Aug 03 20:20:18 PST 2009
    - SQL::Abstract 1.55 compatibility, Damyan Ivanov

0.09 Sun Dec 23 23:51:36 PST 2007
    - fix spelling error which resulted in broken POD link, Jonas B. Nielsen
    - check for Cache::MemoryCache and skip tests if not present, Rhesa Rozendaal
    - fix 'bizzare copy of HASH in leave' issue, David Morgan, Randal Schwartz

    - mutiple trigger registration in one add_trigger() call is deprecated,
      update test 11 to reflect that, Bill Moseley <>

    - indent subroutines and perltidy for easy reading
    - new maintainer Fred Moyer <>

0.08  Tue Dec 14 12:13:00 2005
	- I mean, v3.0.12 ;-)
	- Also, /ge

0.07  Mon Dec 12 10:37:00 2005
        - Updated to work properly with Class::DBI v3.1.2

        - Moved UUID check to only die if user has selected uuid as their

        - Provide a way to use named custom SQL fragments and which
          bits of SQL are replaced in the "%s" substitutions.  Useful
          for aggregate and GROUP BY queries.  New "attributes" added:

            sql_method : select the sql fragment used for COUNT(*)/SELECT
            statement_order : define which sql chunks and order are used
                in the "%s" substitution string.