Subject: CVS commit: wip/vimb
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2015-01-19 15:17:01
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to vimb-2.9.

- --cmd, -C option can be given multiple times (thanks to Sébastien Marie)
- new setting 'cookie-expire-time' (thanks to Sébastien Marie)
- new setting 'auto-response-header' (thanks to Sébastien Marie)
- Add --socket, -s option to enable socket to remote control vimb (#144).
- Add :reg[ister] command to show register contents.
- Allow select of yank buffer for ;y hinting (#151).
- Added hints by letters.
- Show mode label in statusbar.
- Changed default useragent to avoid github deprecation warning.
- Clear inputbox after running command successfully (#104).
- Yank alway also into default register "".
- Allow whitespace around '=' in :set command.
- Added example scripts to setup formfiller (#153).
- Don't save mapped commands in history (#130).
- Don't write autocmd to command history.

- Fix for WYSIWYG editor on github (#114).
- Fixed segfault on :autocmd without group (#115).
- Don't switch to input mode on click to radio button.
- Allow to set path to ca-bundle via config.h (#110).
- Don't force proxy to http scheme (#119).
- Fixed window resize by to long text in inputbox.
- Fixed none clickable search suggestion (#134).
- Don't overwrite wm class and name properties (#137).
- Fixed possible wrong placement of hsts logic (#146).
- Fixed duplicate shown showcmd in command mode.
- Fixed missed uri escaping for '+' (#152).
- Fixed normal new window in kiosk mode.
- Fixed no working hints in framesets.
- Don't end shell cmd at pipe char.
- Fixed compile error when queue feature is disabled.