Subject: CVS commit: wip/py-xpra
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2015-05-28 09:19:37
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Log Message:
Update to 0.14.24:

v0.14.24 (2015-05-18)
	-- fix launcher crash on encoding menu changes
	-- fix transient-for detection for override-redirect windows
	-- fix wait for connection exit when already closed
	-- fix proxy server protocol errors
	-- fix server and client process exit reliability
	-- fix reentrant errors in signal handler
	-- fix exit on signal from console
	-- fix crash when window spinners are shown
	-- fix invalid lz4 availability check
	-- fix protocol garbage collection (for consistency)
	-- fix error when only video encodings are available
	-- fix compatibility with newer PAM modules
	-- allow rgb32 for non-video (html5 client)
	-- add sanity checks to swscale module
	-- avoid warnings with some Java applications
	-- handle end-of-stream sound messages
	-- improved appdata information