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py-trytond-sale-shipment-grouping Sale shipment grouping of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-sale-stock-quantity Sale stock quantity of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-sale-supply Sale supply module of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-sale-supply-drop-shipment Sale supply drop shipment of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-stock-supply Stock supply module of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-stock-supply-day Stock supply day module of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-stock-supply-forecast Stock supply forecast module of the Tryton application platform
py-trytond-stock-supply-production Tryton's stock supply production module
py-yfinance (V) Yahoo! Finance market data downloader
QuantLib C++ library for quantitative finance
R-bayesm Bayesian inference for marketing/micro-econometrics
R-fAsianOptions Functions for pricing and valuating Asian options
R-fBasics Markets and basic statistics
R-fOptions Markets and basic statistics
R-fracdiff (V) Fractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
R-quantmod Quantitative financial modelling framework
R-timeSeries Financial time series objects
R-tseries Time series analysis and computational finance
R-TTR Technical trading rules
rates Currency exchange rates in your terminal
rex TUI for keeping track of incomes and expenses
ruby-activemerchant Ruby library for credit card processing
ruby-braintree Braintree Gateway Ruby Client Library
tex-euro Provide Euro values for national currency amounts
tex-euro-doc Documentation for tex-euro
xfinans Xfinans is a useful financial tracking, and account balancing tool
xinvest Personal finance tracking and performance tool
xquote WWW ticker symbol quote retrieval program