./graphics/ImageMagick, Package for display and non-interactive manipulation of images

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Branch: CURRENT, Version:, Package name: ImageMagick-, Maintainer: adam

ImageMagick TM, is a package for display and manipulation
of images for the X Window System. It is written in C and interfaces
to the X library, and therefore does not require any proprietary
toolkit in order to compile. Although the software is copyrighted, it
is available for free and can be redistributed without fee.

The ImageMagick image display program can display an image on any
workstation screen running an X server. It can read and write many of
the more popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNM, GIF, and
Photo CD. In addition you can interactively resize, rotate, sharpen,
color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save your
completed work in the same or differing image format.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [print/ghostscript] [graphics/tiff] [graphics/freetype2] [graphics/png] [graphics/jpeg] [fonts/fontconfig] [math/fftw] [devel/libltdl] [graphics/liblqr] [graphics/openjpeg] [graphics/lcms2] [graphics/libwebp] [devel/pkgconf]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: doc, fontconfig, ghostscript, heif, imagemagick-policy-open, jp2, liblqr, tiff, x11

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   2023-11-15 21:00:42 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (68)
Log message:
*: bump for openexr 3.2.1
   2023-11-15 13:23:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
ImageMagick: remove unused patch
   2023-11-15 13:08:52 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
ImageMagick, p5-PerlMagick: update to 7.1.21

Add options for the security policies. Follow upstream for the default.
This can be changed after installation by copying the appropriate config
file to etc/ImageMagick-7/policy.xml.


7.1.1-21 - 2023-10-21


    honor pkg-config when searching for bzip2 #6785
    honor pkg-config when searching for libjpeg #6784
    Add the up to date "Artifex" name to Ghostscript list #6779
    Define quantum depth for PerlMagick on windows #6770


    beta release dc87568
    time-to-live returned incorrect results when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH set \ 
(ImageMagick/ImageMagick6#278) 3c72750
    ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6775 bd0fae8
    eliminate compiler error cc0553c
    eliminate compiler warnings 72cad57
    Only use the recent names to do the Ghostscript registry lookup and search \ 
for the commercial version first. be84f21
    eliminate rare small memory leak 199d056
    support time to live neumonics, e.g. 2 minutes cdaebe9
    remove private method GetMagickTTL() 3576c62
    moderate the CPU delay 60bffdb
    cosmetic 23a0ef4
    format time to live 0d72e02
    cosmetic 47885ab
    correct # of seconds in month d6aa83c
    fix formatting time-to-live 646c6bd
    clarify time to live 8845a13
    utilize difftime() to subtract time to live 63d39da
    utilize difftime() to subtract time to live 9bf4b05
    convert source epoch to unsigned long 623ca54
    time to live default is infinity e3e9c86
    latest autoconf/automake dae5e42
    latest autoconf/automake updates 207fcee
    assume time_t is signed df62446
    largest value is MAGICK_SIZE_MAX 2d6e79f
    prevent possible integer overlflow 18fd355
    SetMagickSecurityPolicy() permits user policies to comingle with system \ 
policies (ImageMagick/ImageMagick6#279) a9d8a08
    eliminate compiler warning dd60508
    eliminate compiler exception 89c0484
    permit all user policies 30906ff
    convert -help should return a success status (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6797) \ 
    -help option now returns a success status adbaabf
    allow user to comingle with system policies ce7a64e
    find minimum policy value 7d0858d
    find minimum policy value f81cd05
    revert 8d94c78
    eliminate compiler warning ecc1473
    off by one exception 8eb046d
    correct bytes per line calculation 61f444e
    revert ff50d9a
    use PNG default for maximum chunk size 6408a69
    clarify SetMagickSecurityPolicy() dcffc2d
    release 58d86e4

7.1.1-20 - 2023-10-08


    beta release 59f8951
    ... a21e310
    support Windows 1.0 Icon format (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6670) bdc2c9f
    Code cleanup. 476a094
    support GetMagickTTL() method (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#4533) 66c30fc
    fix time-to-live deadlock c3d651e
    improve time-to-live timer 4727c5e
    prevent integer overflow fa9c969
    wrong argument type bfcdb1e
    respect time to live for Fx option b56a48e
    let cache throttle the CPU 6d9069d
    Fix indentation. 47af159
    Added check for MaxPixelChannels. 8126bac
    Added support for reading meta channels when reading a jpeg2000 image. 3541957
    Added jp2:assume-alpha option that will the always enable the alpha channel \ 
when the jpeg2000 image has 2 or 4 channels. 07fd761
    Corrected check for single channel. 43f6ada
    support xmp:validate define to choose performance over security c4f9927
    protect against DOS for FX do, while, for loops 2cfa8d1
    Added new deflate library to the pragma lib list. ac00eb2
    release 98bb1d4

7.1.1-19 - 2023-09-30


    Fix building with OpenCL #6743


    beta release 6f91d59
    eliminate Coverity warnings c9e40fe
    max result is SIZE_MAX a0b5ea7
    check for BMP file size, poc provided by Hardik Shah of Vehere (Dawn \ 
Treaders team) aa673b2
    throw exception but do not close/destroy image inside ReadEmbedImage() 43003ed
    cosmetic 047e363
    don't trust XMP profile if its not validated 7e068bb
    don't trust XMP profiles unless they are validated 25e3a4f
    eliminate compiler warnings 1c02b9c
    eliminate compiler warnings 627681b
    fix building with OpenCL (#6743) 086a539
    correct exit code (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6744) ffe9809
    Fixed build. 57db683
    Don't add svg:decode to the list of build in delegates when librsvg was \ 
enabled. acb653d
    fix compose dissolve issue (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6738) e31a28a
    move check for number of colors eec0cf0
    release ff509f4
    release 99da019

7.1.1-18 - 2023-09-23


    beta release 1d60af9
    eliminate static analyzer issues d26323c
    eliminate static analyzer issue 3b1c29d
    properly extract EXIF GPS fractions 66ceff0
    revert typecast 2f9247f
    eliminate compiler warnings 839b763
    eliminate compiler warning cad0080
    eliminiate compiler warnings 3a04434
    set windows to NULL a9ff2e4
    revert ea98b2a
    Fixed building fourier.c on Windows with Visual Studio (#6667) 5d732c1
    cosmetic 8c6cdf5
    release 44b2ac8

7.1.1-17 - 2023-09-19


    beta release 4b5d266
    remove absolute path fad55f1
    validate security policy 269b573
    eliminate compiler warning 5e52c7d
    eliminate compiler warnings ebeaa7d
    cosmetic f5116ea
    eliminate compiler warning bcd824a
    validate policy before we set it 354c3e4
    release 44a26b1

7.1.1-16 - 2023-09-17


    Add JPEG-2000 support to AppImage release (Partially solve #4666) #6630


    beta release 922dd8d
    option to display build compiler cf690f5
    Correct error message. 23d31cb
    eliminate compiler warnings 2686655
    Fix possible memory leak when format doesn't support encoding (#6538). d551c5e
    validate the maximum meta channels in an image 72228b5
    eliminate compiler warnings 7275424
    read APNG losslessly 1b95976
    eliminate compiler warnings 88ff143
    eliminate compiler warning 5e2b42a
    eliminate compiler warnings 9cd23d1
    eliminate compiler warnings 3e4f327
    Refactored reading of the optional header. d8b7400
    Write optional TGA header that seems to be required by Autodesk \ 
MotionBuilder (#6543) 8de013f
    limit the number of XCF layers d994be8
    OpenMP advisement b826502
    eliminate compiler warnings ed6b79c
    check the image list length 4c3e20c
    eliminate compiler warnings 36a7ca0
    eliminate compiler warnings f0cb789
    eliminate compiler warnings bc26662
    Removed the size_t overload of roll and only use the ssize_t variant. 7bc8813
    eliminate compiler warnings 8cc8fff
    Fixed memory leak in AcquireDrawingWand that occurs when image is null \ 
(#6544) e2cc296
    Fixed build. 5d325ea
    Correct writing of the last zero byte. a6dc5c1
    Initialize gamma and chromaticity with a double instead. fefcddc
    eliminate compiler warnings 24abe7b
    support new configure script option: \ 
--with-security-policy={open,limited,secure,web-safe} 8ada13b
    eliminate compiler warnings d33cf20
    update documentation 53a44eb
    eliminate compiler warnings a64496f
    security policy configuration 8aaf660
    eliminate compiler warnings 9a41b2d
    baseline security policies d2f093c
    security policy patch d2f0a47
    update security policy variants dd30f68
    eliminate compiler warnings 7b9b4ae
    eliminate compiler warnings 86bd75b
    ... b2834ac
    ... 53a3f17
    eliminate compiler warnings 1c7a0f6
    ... 98d4a72
    Removed incorrect typecast. 76b7dfa
    Fixed another typecast. 931761e
    eliminate compiler warnings 4a3f1cb
    eliminate compiler warnings f5bdfdd
    Added missing typecasts. 0bb4b07
    ... fd5261b
    eliminate compiler warnings 13a8403
    ... e26986e
    eliminate compiler warnings f12d5cd
    eliminate compiler warnings 704a3bd
    Use the correct abs method instead. a844266
    eliminate compiler warnings 20fbdea
    eliminate compiler warnings bca743b
    eliminate compiler warnings 4b84297
    eliminate compiler warnings 78aa540
    eliminate compiler warnings e53e985
    Fixed windows build. a896e77
    Removed NTUserTime method because we stopped supporting WindowsNT a while \ 
ago. bc70f31
    Corrected type of extent. 566c63f
    Added missing typecast. 4b93217
    eliminate compiler warnings 3349f50
    eliminate compiler warnings efcc0e3
    Removed broken OpenCL AddNoiseImage implementation. 85657bc
    Removed broken OpenCL ConvolveImage implementation. ed6c2fc
    Added missing comment. ac6826c
    Fixed the Windows build. 0d42a10
    Added missing typecast. de79a6f
    Moved include to the correct file. 20c88c2
    Only call SetPixelMetaChannels once and only when we need to. 21c3aab
    Use the association of the first extra sample that is an alpha channel. 58a3b36
    support 64-bit channel masks 226a66f
    Added extra check. 9d4a494
    Removed assert from header files to try to fix the build. 537a5a5
    Correct previous patch to replace HDRI_ENABLE_OBSOLETE_IN_H with \ 
    support MAGICKCORE_64BIT_CHANNEL_MASK_SUPPORT define f5abb90
    add channel mask value to configure output 30b278e
    eliminate compiler warnings 803391d
    eliminate compiler warning 5254e93
    fix comparison of integers of different signs issue 3ceb89e
    fix comparison of integers of different signs 9ee489c
    fix comparison of integers of different signs 2abeeac
    check against valid chunk sizes dd5c065
    eliminate compiler warnings b4f7aa8
    fix comparison of integers of different signs 557db5d
    fix comparison of unsigned expression < 0 54387bf
    fix comparison of unsigned expression f550f1a
    fix comparison of unsigned expression 8c4f48c
    fix comparison of unsigned expression cb564ee
    support for 64-bit channel masks 6812621
    eliminate compiler warnings a184aad
    eliminate compiler warnings c590841
    eliminate compiler warnings 8140fde
    eliminate compiler warnings cae92e5
    more accurate PI f4eb5db
    check for 64-bit channel mask support 3d27129
    64-bit channel mask support a2f3026
    check stat() status a75951b
    fix comparison of integers of different signs 8e56810
    fix comparison of integers of different signs dea2fc6
    fix comparison of integers of different signs 239fad2
    eliminate compiler warning a7c894f
    eliminate compiler warnings c3b30d2
    fix possible loss of data issue 5bf8645
    Corrected checks for defines. 3e8325b
    use libraw’s camera white balance adjustment as default, use \ 
dng:use-camera-wb=false to disable 80436de
    eliminate compiler warnings f8dcef2
    fix comparison of integers of different signs b0f0b93
    Added missing typecast. a3a1903
    Added missing braces. 7575db0
    Use if statement instead of switch. 551b0cd
    eliminate compiler warnings 39fbfed
    eliminate compiler warnings 5384a8f
    adjust shave thresholds 2d04ce5
    restore crop transform 7a159d6
    Corrected typecast. bfe52fa
    Corrected type casts. 695a4a5
    Removed incorrect type. 510923d
    eliminate compiler warning 66185e4
    eliminate compiler warnings 796631d
    fix comparison of integers of different signs issue 3ea656f
    eliminate compiler warnings a69c64e
    fix comparison of integers of different signs bc0db50
    Added missing typecast. 33b968c
    prevent possible signed integer overflow e265602
    eliminate compiler warnings 3526338
    signed overflow check 8e0458d
    signed overflow check 71daf53
    Removed switch statements that only have a default case. 77708ef
    WEBP now respects ping (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6572) 8582026
    egrep is deprecated 0ca2131
    fix bug report address f226dcf
    eliminate compiler warnings bb7e9d3
    eliminarte compiler warnings 3e9a05a
    eliminate compile warnings 2b42758
    Corrected name of library. ded0dbc
    eliminate compiler warnings b0299c2
    document each policy d2f76aa
    tweaks to default security policies 851cb59
    validate policies @ https://imagemagick-secevaluator.doyensec.com/ daf5574
    Silence warnings for when MAGICKCORE_ZERO_CONFIGURATION_SUPPORT is enabled. \ 
    we broke exif parser, fixed aa85ee9
    silence compiler warning 67e39d5
    respect ping when reading DJVU images (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6584) b114ea4
    prevent signed overflow 4ffab22
    properly extract EXIF multiple values 4804d61
    check for 4 channel image with alpha (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6507) cc548c7
    three channels switch is now the default 43b7c06
    eliminate possible integer overflow e9b0df0
    Added missing typecasts. 72b9385
    silence compiler warnings 4ba41bb
    mention the security policy validator 04607c0
    set max pixel width/height to 4K d3b520e
    correct spelling error d39cfc7
    Removed volatile keyword. 76fe200
    improve policy description d947a26
    Added missing comma. f44c0d8
    Switch to uppercase. 1bca2e1
    Minor cleanup. a4a3a03
    Corrected values for meta channel bits. f8f72a0
    Group policy files together. 2e529f6
    latest automake/autoconf 33b7e73
    fix HSL modulation when hue is 60 (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6602) 458321d
    limit the number of unit test threads d031f9d
    Removed unused define. 4245260
    Moved Debug back to the start of the feature list. dcf9558
    proper check if maximum channels are exceeded 840e345
    support LERC compression dbeaafc
    more support for 64-bit channel masks 3327dda
    support for 64-bit channel masks c37f121
    improve security policy docs 70907a9
    support 64-bit channel masks eaef272
    Corrected option values. b70969e
    Corrected settings the define for CHANNEL_MASK_DEPTH (MAGICKCORE will \ 
already be added) cb3f98c
    Make sure the value is zero padded. d99cdd4
    lastest autoconf/automake updates 54c41b4
    Try to force the use of a C++ compiler for the PerlMagick windows build. 61d02ae
    account for extra bytes at end of a DICOM image \ 
(ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6566) 4cf2892
    Added missing typecast. 1e30a4b
    Added missing typecast. 6f9eed9
    comparison of integers of different signs 11d8425
    remove compiler warnings afd5c67
    improved C++ support 1fbce73
    eliminate compiler warning 1b7b305
    prevent a possible double link free 9b22513
    cosmetic ffbaae2
    allow MPC images c343dce
    improve CPU throttle check 3f204af
    some say BMP and TIFF images "web safe" dec92bf
    allow writing of JSON images 9147b17
    Disable check for function that break delegate detection when building with \ 
a C++ compiler. 781d94f
    Removed checks for functions that we don't need. 1b96ac2
    Stop using the deprecated ::set-output. 4c7f5cd
    remove ABI suffice symbol 84c1817
    lastest autoconf/automake update 6c64544
    more transparent shadow a44e75c
    64-bit channel masks requires the C++ lang when evalulating autoconf macros \ 
    prevent implode from blowing up (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6623) e7c6c1e
    Added the generated policy.xml file to .gitignore 7ca7c3c
    Make sure we also set AC_LANG([C]) for the 32-bit channel 58fc88c
    latest autoconf update 56d2222
    eliminate compiler error 77d50b6
    Update SECURITY.md 03a92b7
    Update SECURITY.md 964a761
    doc update c3a8569
    check for cache offset boundaries 8ca44d0
    Added support for writing the alpha channel when the output format is \ 
indexed (#6629). 833d1fa
    Corrected return value. 4cd4def
    Added missing typecast. 3140f84
    Patches to make sure OpenCL acceleration still works with 64-bit channel \ 
mask. 03a44aa
    account for boundary condition 40b280d
    Redefine QuantumScale to avoid double cast that results in odd issues \ 
(#6631). c6e3796
    update temporary path b4e5a90
    read multiline comments 7747cb8
    cosmetic c4e8f80
    cosmetic e632bf2
    eliminate compiler exception 6307013
    support emedded images 85319f7
    support alpha mask fde3d56
    Corrected implementation of reading the alpha mask when the compression is \ 
    We no longer need to throw an exception. ffb4f49
    Add option called tga:write-footer that can be used to write the optional \ 
footer (#6543). 1eaa7d6
    use virtual memory allocator 88abbe1
    detect math library under C++ 58c954b
    Revert recent changes that break compilation with a C++ compiler on MacOS. \ 
    latest autoconf update b682537
    check for math library 6d18857
    remove C++ as a prerequisite for 64-bit channel masks 6608547
    revised 64-bit channel masks 50084ca
    Added missing typecast. 1c5fa8d
    Added another missing typecast. 52eff1d
    check for insufficient image data 0f22c43
    support -x compiler option 76cd9b1
    ... 3f9fcad
    initalize locale 17adcaa
    Reverted incorrect patch. 9b8ff67
    Added missing includes. 2b54153
    latest documentation a6f96bf
    check for underflow f210e55
    check for underflow 3a7c11d
    set initial pixel width/height based in INT_MAX c65c72d
    eliminate compiler warnings 3829ba3
    latest autoconf update 0debebb
    eliminate compiler warnings be9eabf
    eliminate compiler warnings c93f8d2
    restore 3e20e19
    eliminate compiler warning fd1ee51
    improve exception message 07e8e9c
    Corrected typo. 50cbfe0
    eliminate compiler warning c31c793
    latest auotconf update eeede01
    cosmetic 4988d7f
    use TIFF as our intermediate format to minimize distortion 3a17ddd
    support 10-bit JXR images 0053d46
    support 10-bit JXR images 3f1131b
    improved a bit 7d8bd55
    revert abf800e
    eliminate compiler warning b9b52c9
    release 15caf7d

7.1.1-15 - 2023-07-30


    beta release edf7a2a
    Make sure the correct image properties are set before calling \ 
SetImageExtent. c18f8c5
    Corrected setting the quantum_type for rgba images. be52c60
    enable entitiy substitution per local parser \ 
(https://github.com/ImageMagick/ImageMagick/security/advisories/GHSA-v9p9-6pmh-r6rm) \ 
    The -fx option, no long applied twice (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6518) fac094a
    ensure FL32 test suite properly survives a round trip \ 
(ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6507) bfc9231
    Use AllChannels instead of DefaultChannels. c328565
    eliminate possible integer overflow b3881dc
    images must be sRGB compatible to write FL32 ce38645
    Update SECURITY.md f952997
    check for valid bits-per-pixel 98eceff
    release a0a5f3d

7.1.1-14 - 2023-07-22


    beta release e799547
    No longer download build_dependencies.sh f5d0480
    support abbreviations for RTL and LTR text direction 4a8152b
    note y_advance, implement top-to-bottom in the future 01b0544
    prep for top-to-bottom rendering of text 3911d74
    alpha gradient fade now works with grayscale images \ 
(ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6495) 53f2595
    check for possible IPTC overrun e284d83
    release 15c472d
    account for hidden colormap index channel (ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6507) af228bb
    release 562a80c

7.1.1-13 - 2023-07-16


    Add Canon Raw v3 (CR3) as mime type #6450


    beta release 56f4789
    beta release 63e2617
    MetaPixelChannel is no longer used, MetaPixelChannels should be used \ 
instead. 237b8ec
    heap-buffer-overflow in ImageMagick <= 7.1.1-12, contributed by Hardik \ 
shah of Vehere (Dawn Treaders team) a531d28
    Corrected patch for heap-buffer-overflow reported by Hardik shah of Vehere. \ 
    Correct type of return value for TIFFReadTile and added more checks. 6213344
    Added extra for when TIFFReadEncodedStrip returns -1. 0aea35f
    Code style changes. 264acfc
    Reverted patch that broke SeparateImages. a765e3c
    memory library with reduced synchronization overhead 88e3964
    fix proper scaling of Oklab colorspace d0f208b
    We now need to build xz --disable-ifunc or otherwise this will result in a \ 
segfault. e5061bc
    cosmetic a8de149
    Simplify check. 3afd4ac
    Corrected checks ee1c3af
    Corrected declaration. ec470f3
    missing cast to (int) for PixelChannel 920b778
    No longer use heic_corpus. 317c022
    cosmetic 8ff0561
    Store additional information when dng:read-thumbnail is specified so the \ 
user knows how to read the thumbnail data. 9d79979
    support -reshape option 4c104d0
    check for insufficient image data in file 3af9aa1
    silence unsigned overflow a1d2267
    Added missing typecast. b2199fa
    support > 10 meta channel mnemonics ebeb132
    Correct addition to resolve issue with negative interline_spacing values. ba0479f
    ImageMagick/ImageMagick#6476 5b3b6c2
    preferred unwinding order 15efb42
    Minor tweaks. d339bed
    Fixed reading MPO image (#6475) 2366b76
    Make the MPO format explicit. 650ef27
    Corrected types. 51d16a0
    eliminate improbable integer overflow b939fa1
    cosmetic f2bea15
    Fixed memory leak. 491d1bf
    release d5974ce
   2023-11-14 20:03:37 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
ImageMagick: restore fontconfig and ghostscript options

While comments in the pkgsrc Makefile suggest otherwise, these options work,
and are useful for building on older systems and systems that don't use X11.
   2023-11-14 20:01:34 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
ImageMagick: fix building without doc option
   2023-11-12 14:24:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2570)
Log message:
*: revebump for new brotli option for freetype2

Addresses PR 57693
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3