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./wip/frankenwm, Dynamic tiling window manager

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.0.22, Package name: frankenwm-1.0.22, Maintainer: pin

"monsterwm's bastard child" or "not the wm your desktop needs, but the one
it deserves".
FrankenWM is a dynamic tiling WM (comparable to dwm or Awesome), featuring the
v-stack, b-stack, grid, fibonacci, dualstack, equal and monocle layouts out of
the box. If you want to, you can add gaps between the windows as well.

It was once based on monsterwm but has undergone many greater changes including
adding pieces from other WMs (hence the name) and porting all sorts of stuff
from Xlib to XCB. Many of the original monsterwm patches have been ported as

All settings must be set at compile time by editing `config.h` and it does not
feature a status bar (but supports leaving preconfigured space for one).

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SHA1: 4fe6bf6ba9e726696ff92fe40e80d98c1dbf43a3
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