./wip/ssh-copy-id, Use locally available keys to authorise logins on a remote machine

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.0.1, Package name: ssh-copy-id-8.0.1, Maintainer: iku.iwasa

ssh-copy-id is a script that uses ssh(1) to log into a remote machine
(presumably using a login password, so password authentication should be
enabled, unless you've done some clever use of multiple identities). It
assembles a list of one or more fingerprints (as described below) and tries
to log in with each key, to see if any of them are already installed (of
course, if you are not using ssh-agent(1) this may result in you being
repeatedly prompted for pass-phrases). It then assembles a list of those
that failed to log in, and using ssh, enables logins with those keys on the
remote server. By default it adds the keys by appending them to the remote
user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (creating the file, and directory, if
necessary). It is also capable of detecting if the remote system is a
NetScreen, and using its 'set ssh pka-dsa key ...' command instead.

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