./wip/task, Task-runner / simpler Make alternative written in Go

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.4.3, Package name: task-3.4.3, Maintainer: iku.iwasa

Task is a task runner / build tool that aims to be simpler and easier to
use than, for example, GNU Make.

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/go114]

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   2015-08-10 23:16:48 by Yorick Hardy | Files touched by this commit (3)
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   2013-01-08 18:43:26 by Emil Sköldberg | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
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Update to version 2.1.2
   2012-10-07 19:17:20 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (44)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2012-01-18 08:14:29 by Helge Muehlmeier | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.9.4
Now the package buils fine
   2011-01-17 11:48:03 by Emil Sköldberg | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package updated
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Update maintainer email address to valid address.
   2010-11-09 11:46:19 by Emil Sköldberg | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3


1.9.3 (11/08/2010)
 + Added feature #43, now task supports relative dates like '3wks',
   '1 month', '4d' for 'due', 'wait' and 'until' dates.  Essentially
   durations are now allowed where dates are expected, and are treated
   as relative to the current date/time.
 + Added feature #189, that records the start and stop times as an
   annotation for a task.
 + Added features #244, #272, #273, #274, #275 and #279, which support
   import and export of YAML 1.1.  YAML is now the default export format
   for task.
 + Added feature #391, now the 'task color legend' command will show
   samples of all the defined colors and color rules from your .taskrc
   and theme.
 + Added feature #410, and now task supports dependencies between tasks
   with the syntax 'task 1 depends:2' to add a dependency, or 'task 1
   depends:-2' to remove a dependency.
 + Added feature #421, and now task can sync data files from two sources
   via the 'merge' command.
 + Added feature #423, now custom report filters allow rc overrides.
 + Added feature #428, preparing the new structure for the NEWS file.
 + Added feature #429, which improves the 'all' report to exclude deleted.
   tasks, provide a new sort order and include the 'end' column.
 + Added feature #431, which improves feedback after running the 'log'
 + Added feature #446, task supports now 'sow', 'som' and 'soy' as dates
   for 'due', 'wait' and 'until' (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
   Added as well synonyms soww/eoww plus new socw/eocw for calendar weeks.
 + Fixed bug #467, where recurring tasks were not honoring wait values.
 + Added feature #471, which makes greater use of projects by reporting
   changes to the completion percentage when it changes.
 + Added feature #478, which uses the colorization rules in the 'info'
 + Added feature #481, allowing for user control of the color rule order
   of precedence via the 'rule.precedence.color' configuration variable.
 + Fixed bug #493, which made waiting, recurring tasks invisible (thanks to
   Alexander Schremmer).
 + Added feature #499, giving an extra line in the message output when
   doing bulk done changes (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
 + New 'depends' column for custom reports.
 + New 'blocked' report for showing blocked tasks.
 + New 'unblocked' report for showing tasks that are not blocked.
 + Improved man pages (thanks to Andy Lester).
 + Default .taskrc files are now largely empty, and rely almost completed
   on default values.
 + Special tags 'nocal', 'nocolor' and 'nonag' are implemented.
 + The 'tags' command highlights special tags.
 + The 'stats' and 'info' reports not obey color.alternate.
 + New fish shell tab completion script (thanks to Mick Koch).
 + Color rules now obey the rc.search.case.sensitive configuration option.
 + The color.keyword.XXX color rule now applies to annotations too.
 + Importing the same YAML twice now generates an error.
 + Two new color themes (thanks to Kathryn Andersen).
 + More localized holiday files for US, CA, SE, DE, FR, UK, ES, NL and NO
   (thanks to T. Charles Yun, Jostein Berntsen).
 + Added new 'diagnostics' command to help with bug submission, testing.
 + Fixed bug #427, preventing the task edit command to parse annotation
   dates with spaces.
 + Fixed bug #433, making task command output more consistent.
 + Fixed bug #434, allowing users to complete tasks with status 'waiting'
 + Fixed bug #438, correcting the sorting of the entry_time, start_time
   and end_time columns (thanks to Michelle Crane).
 + Fixed bug #439, which ignored dateformat.annotation for sparse annotations.
 + Fixed bug #440, which prevented simultaneous append/prepend and substitution.
 + Fixed bug #441, which misparsed '/a/a:/' as an attribute, rather than a
   substitution (thanks to Michelle Crane).
 + Fixed bug #444, which made task shell unusable after canceling out of an
   undo command.
 + Fixed bug #445, which caused task to not notice that the command 'h' is
 + Fixed bug #449, so the wait: attribute can be applied to a task at any
   time, not just on add.
 + Fixed bug #452, which defines a higher resolution division between due
   and overdue.
 + Fixed bug #459, which showed a confusing message when 'limit:page' was
   used, with few tasks.
 + Fixed bug #461, in which the filter 'due:today' failed, but 'due.is:today'
 + Fixed bug #466, which gave the wrong error message when a custom report
   was missing a direction indicator for the sort order.
 + Fixed bug #470, which caused task to not support the color 'none'.
 + Fixed bug #476, so that task now issues a warning when a wait date falls
   after a due date (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
 + Fixed bug #480, which didn't properly support @ characters in tags.  This
   also now supports $ and #.
 + Fixed bug #489, which caused the filter 'tags.none:' to fail.
 + Fixed bug #494, causing imported text files to ultimately lack uuids
   (thanks to Elizabeth Maxson).
 + Fixed problem with command line configuration overrides that had no
 + Fixed problem with the 'undo' command not observing the rc.color or the
   rc._forcecolor settings.
 + Fixed problem with extra blank line in the ghistory reports.
 + Fixed a precision problem with average age on the summary report.
 + Clarified the documentation regarding the project name (taskwarrior) and
   the program name (task).
   2010-07-21 08:26:06 by Emil Sköldberg | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update task 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2.


- Added feature #320, so the command "task 123" is interpreted as an
  implicit "task info 123" command (thanks to John Florian).

- Added feature #326, allowing tasks to be added in the completed
  state, by using the 'log' command in place of 'add' (thanks to Cory

- Added features #36 and #37, providing annual versions of the
  'history' and 'ghistory' command as 'history.annual' and

- Added feature #363 supporting iCalendar/vcalendar (RFC-2445,
  RFC-5545, RFC-5546) export via the 'export.ical' command.

- Added feature #390, an extra dateformat for annotations (thanks to
  Cory Donnelly).

- Added feature #407, a new 'task show' command to display the current
  configuration settings or just the ones matching a search
  string. 'task config' is now only used to set new configuration

- Added feature #298, supporting a configurable number of future
  recurring tasks that are generated.

- Added feature #412, which allows the 'projects' and 'tags' commands
  to be list all used projects/tags, not just the ones used in current
  pending tasks. Controlled by the 'list.all.projects' and
  'list.all.tags' configuration variables (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).

- Added feature #415, which supports displaying just a single page of
  tasks, by specifying either 'limit:page' to a command, or
  'report.xxx.limit:page' in a report specification (thanks to
  T. Charles Yun).

- Improvements to the man pages (thanks to T. Charles Yun).

- Modified the 'next' report to only display one page, by default.

- Added feature #408, making it possible to delete annotations with
  the new denotate command and the provided description (thanks to
  Dirk Deimeke).

- Added support for more varied durations when specifying recurring
  tasks, such as '3 mths' or '24 hrs'.

- The ghistory graph bars can now be colored with 'color.history.add',
  'color.history.done' and 'color.history.delete' configuration

- Added feature #156, so that task supports both a 'side' and 'diff'
  style of undo.

- Distribution now includes 7 theme files, for 16- and 256-color

- Task now defaults to using the equivalent to the dark-16.theme.

- Fixed bug #406 so that task now includes command aliases in the
  _commands helper command used by shell completion scripts.

- Fixed bug #211 - it was unclear which commands modify a task

- Fixed bug #411, clarifying that the 'projects' command only lists
  projects for which there are pending tasks (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).

- Fixed bug #414, that caused filtering on the presence or absence of
  tags containing Unicode characters to fail (thanks to Michal
  Josífko).* Fixed bug #416, which caused sorting on a date to fail
  if the year was not included in the dateformat (thanks to Michelle

- Fixed bug #417, which caused sorting on countdown and age fields to
  be wrong (thanks to Michell Crane).

- Fixed bug #418, which caused the attribute modifier 'due.before' to
  fail if the year was not included in the dateformat (thanks to
  Michelle Crane).* Fixed bug #132, which failed to set a sort order
  so that active tasks sort higher than inactive tasks, all things
  being equal.

- Fixed bug #405, which incorrectly compared dates on tasks created by
  versions earlier than 1.9.1 to those created by 1.9.1 or later
  (thanks to Ivo Jimenez).

- Fixed bug #420, missing 'ID' from help text (thanks to Ed Neville).

- Fixed bug that prevented 'task list priority.above:L' from working.

- Fixed bug that miscalculated terminal width for the ghistory.annual

- Fixed wording (support issue #383) when modifying a recurring task
  (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
   2010-06-18 18:55:45 by Emil Sköldberg | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 1.9.1

Changes since 1.9.0:

- Summary report bar colors can now be specified with
  color.summary.bar and col  or.summary.background configuration
- The 'edit' command now conveniently fills in the current  date for
  new annotations.
- Deleting a task no longer clobbers any recorded end date (thanks to
  Seneca Cunningham).
- The following holidays are now computed automatically and can be
  used in the definitions for the calendar holidays: Good Friday
  (goodfriday), Easter (easter), Easter monday (eastermonday),
  Ascension (ascension), Pentecost (pentecost). The date is configured
  with the given keyword.
- The configure script is more portable (thanks to Emil Sköldberg).
- Updated task-faq.5 man page.
- Fixed bug #382 in which the annotate command didn't return an error
  message when called without an ID.
- Fixed bug #402 which failed compilation on Arch Linux (thanks to
  Johannes Schlatow).
- Fixed bug #401 that ignored the search.case.sensitive configuration
  setting when filtering on project names (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #395 that prevented the upgrade of a pending task to a
  recurring task (thanks to T. Charles Yun).