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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
alacritty Cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
amiwm (V) X window manager with Amiga look and feel
antiright The gtkshell GUI creator, gshterm, and ACE desktop implementation
appmenu-qt Allows Qt applications to export menus over DBus to a menu applet
appres Print resources seen by an application
arandr Designed to provide a simple visual front end for XRandR
ark (V) Manages various archive formats within the KDE environment
asclock (V) NeXTstep-like clock and calendar
asclock-gtk (V) Dockable clock and calendar with themes for GTK+
asclock-xlib (V) Dockable clock and calendar with themes for X11
asnap Takes a snapshot of a region of the screen
aterm Aterm (Afterstep XVT) - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
autocutsel Synchronizes the X11 cutbuffer and CLIPBOARD selection
awesome (V) Window manager based on dwm, with Lua integration
bbapm APM monitor for Blackbox
bbappconf (V) Configure the behaviour of an application under Blackbox
bbkeys (V) General X Window keygrabber
bbsload (V) Small (in dimensions) tool to display the average load
beforelight Simple screen saver
bitmap Bitmap editor and conversion utilities
blt Extension to Tcl/Tk
c++-gtk-utils Lightweight library for programming GTK+ programs using C++
caribou Simplified in-place on-screen keyboard
catclock (V) Variant of the MIT xclock with a cat mode
citron System data via on-demand notifications
clipit Lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager
clipnotify Notify on new X clipboard events
clisp-gtk2 CLISP GIMP Toolkit v2 (GTK2) module
clisp-mit-clx CLISP MIT CLX module
clisp-new-clx CLISP New CLX module
compiz-fusion (V) Meta-package for compiz fusion
cool-retro-term Terminal emulator which mimics old CRT screens
ctwm (V) Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and EWMH
dclock (V) Digital clock for X
deforaos-integration DeforaOS desktop integration
deforaos-keyboard DeforaOS desktop virtual keyboard
deforaos-libdesktop DeforaOS desktop library
deforaos-locker DeforaOS desktop screensaver
deforaos-notes DeforaOS desktop notes manager
deforaos-panel DeforaOS desktop panel
desklaunch X utility for binding commands to pixmap icons
deskmenu X utility for providing root menus
devilspie Window-matching utility to customize window behavior
dmenu Dynamic menu for X
docker WindowMaker dock app which acts as a system tray
dragbox-git (V) Command line drag-and-drop tool for GNOME
drawterm Utility to connect to Plan9 CPU servers
driconf Configuration applet for DRI drivers
dtx11session Launch a X11 session from CDE login service
dunst Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
dxpc Differential X Protocol Compressor
dzen-git (V) General purpose messaging and notification program
dzen2 (V) General purpose messaging and notification program
ede Equinox Desktop Environment
editres Dynamic resource editor for libXt applications
eekboard Virtual keyboard for GNOME
efltk Extended Fast Light Toolkit
elementary E17 Widget Library
elementary-icon-theme Simple and appealing Tango-styled icon theme
emiclock (V) Analog clock with image in the middle
enlightenment Enlightenment Window Manager, Development Release
eterm Enlightened terminal emulator for the X Window System
fbdesk Application that creates and manage icons on your desktop
filerunner Filemanager with FTP capabilities. Uses Tcl/Tk
fltk Fast Light Tool Kit for graphical user interfaces (old 1.1 branch)
fltk13 Fast Light Tool Kit for graphical user interfaces
flwm (V) The Fast, Light Window Manager
fnlib (V) Color font rendering library for X11R6
fox Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit
frameworkintegration Provide components to allow applications to integrate with a KDE Workspace
fspanel F***ing Small Panel for listing X11 windows
fsviewer (V) NextStep-like Filemanager for WindowMaker
ftmenu Fluxbox Tray Menu
fvwm (V) Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-wharf Copy of AfterStep's Wharf compatible with fvwm2
gchore (V) Chore reminder tool with gtk UI
gcolor2 Simple color selector
gcombust (V) Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkisofs, cdrecord, ...)
gDesklets (V) Advanced architecture for desktop applets
gdm2 (V) Gnome Display Manager (legacy) - a re-implementation of the xdm program
ggiterm Libggi-based terminal emulator
glclock (V) OpenGL-based pocket watch
glx-utils (V) OpenGL glxgears and glxinfo
gnome (V) Meta-package for the GNOME desktop environment
gnome-clipboard-daemon (V) Program that keeps the content of your X clipboard in memory
gnome-desktop Common GNOME2 desktop files and libgnome-desktop library
gnome-desktop2 (V) Common GNOME2 desktop files and libgnome-desktop library
gnome-desktop3 GNOME3 desktop-wide documents and libgnome-desktop library
gnome-session GNOME3 session management utilities
gnome-shell Next generation GNOME shell
gnome-terminal Terminal emulator for GNOME
gnome-themes Collection of themes and icons for GNOME 2
gnome-tweaks (V) Graphical interface for advanced GNOME 3 settings
gnuplot (V) Portable interactive, function plotting utility
gnustep (V) Meta-package for GNUstep
gnustep-back X11 AppKit backend for GNUstep
gnustep-gui GNUstep AppKit Implementation
gpa (V) GUI frontend to gnupg
gromit Text marker tool for the X11 screen
GSCommander (V) Simple Unix command monitor for GNUstep
gselt Display a menu of actions that can be done with an X selection
gst-plugins1-gtk (V) Open source multimedia framework - GTK plugin
gst-plugins1-x11 Open source multimedia framework - X11 plugin
gst-plugins1-ximagesrc Open source multimedia framework - X11 image plugin
gtk GIMP Toolkit v1 - libraries for building X11 user interfaces
gtk-mac-integration OS X integration for GTK
gtk-server (V) Small tool to enable GUI access for shell scripts
gtk-sharp C# bindings for GTK
gtk-sharp3 .NET bindings for GTK+3
gtk+extra Useful set of GTK+ widgets for creating GUIs
gtk2 GIMP Toolkit v2 - libraries for building X11 user interfaces
gtk2-chtheme GTK+2 theme changer with preview
gtk2-engines Theme engines for GTK+ version 2
gtk2-engines-bluecurve Port of the famous Bluecurve theme for GTK2+
gtk2-engines-murrine GTK2+ engine featuring a modern glassy look
gtk2-murrina-fancy-clearlooks (V) Murrine fancy clearlooks themes pack
gtk2-theme-switch Allows quick & easy switching of GTK+ 2.x themes
gtk2+extra Useful set of GTK+ widgets for creating GUIs
gtk3 GIMP Toolkit v3 - libraries for building X11 user interfaces
gtk3-engines-unico Unico Gtk+ Theming Engine for GTK+ 3.0
gtk3-nocsd Hack to disable GTK+ 3 client side window decorations
gtk4 Multi-platform toolkit for creating GUIs, version 4
gtkdatabox GTK3 widget for live display of fluctuating numerical data
gtkglarea OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit
gtkglarea2 OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit
gtkmm C++ interface to Gtk+ v2
gtkmm-utils C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkmm
gtkmm3 C++ Interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME (v3)
gtkmm4 C++ Interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME (v4)
gtksourceview2 Text widget that extends GTK2's GtkTextView widget (v2)
gtksourceview3 Text widget that extends GTK3's GtkTextView widget (v3)
gtksourceview4 Text widget that extends GTK3's GtkTextView widget (v4)
gtksourceview5 Text widget that extends GTK4's GtkTextView widget (v5)
gtkstep GTK theme-engine to yield a NEXTSTEP(tm) look and feel
gtkterm2 Simple GTK-2 terminal with tabs
gxmessage GTK2+ based xmessage clone
hanterm X11R6-based xterm hacked for managing Korean languages
herbe Daemon-less notifications without D-Bus
hot-babe System load monitor
hs-X11 Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library
hs-X11-xft Bindings to the Xft library, and some Xrender parts
hsetroot Allows you to compose wallpapers for X
i3lock Slightly improved screen locker based on slock
i3lock-color Slightly improved screen locker based on slock
iceauth ICE protocol utility
icewm (V) Small, fast and light-weight window manager
icewm-imlib (V) Small, fast and light-weight window manager (imlib version)
ico Animate icosahedron or other polyhedrons
imake (V) Obsolete build tool for X software
imgui (V) Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++
imwheel Tool which helps to use mousewheels
intel-gpu-tools (V) Test & development tools for the intel DRM kernel driver
ja-elisat (V) 8x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-elisau (V) 10x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-kaname (V) 12x12 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-kappa20 (V) 20x20 dots X11 bitmap font for Japanese with several extra fonts
ja-naga10 (V) 10x10 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-shinonome (V) 12, 14, 16 dots bitmap fonts for Japanese, iso8859-1
jisx0208fonts (V) Meta-package including X11 BDF fonts for JIS X0208 standard and more
jisx0212fonts (V) X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0212
jisx0213fonts (V) X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0213
jolly Small bookmarking launcher for desktop usage
kactivities KDE Activity Manager
kactivities-stats Core components for the KDE's Activities
kactivities5 Core components for the KDE's Activities
kactivitymanagerd (V) System service to manage user's activities and track the usage patterns
kcodecs (V) Collection of methods to manipulate strings using various encodings
kconfigwidgets Widgets for KConfig
kde-baseapps4 Base modules for the KDE 4 integrated X11 desktop
kde-cli-tools (V) Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system
kde-runtime4 Runtime requirements for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kde-workspace4 Base workspace for the KDE 4 integrated X11 desktop
kde4 (V) meta-package for the KDE4 integrated X11 desktop
kdecoration (V) Plugin based library to create window decorations
kded Extensible deamon for providing system level services
kdelibs4 Support libraries for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdelibs4support Porting aid from KDELibs4
kdesignerplugin Integration of Frameworks widgets in Qt Designer/Creator
keybinder Library for registering keyboard shortcuts
keybinder3 Library for registering keyboard shortcuts
keylaunch X utility for binding commands to a hot key
kf5 (V) meta-package for the KDE Frameworks 5
kgamma5 (V) Adjust your monitor's gamma settings
kglobalaccel Add support for global workspace shortcuts
kguiaddons Addons to QtGui
khotkeys (V) KHotKeys
kinit Process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications
kirigami2 QtQuick based components set
kitemviews Widget addons for Qt Model/View
kitty GPU based terminal emulator
kjobwidgets Widgets for tracking KJob instances
kmenuedit (V) KDE menu editor
ko-baekmuk (V) X11 fonts for KSX 1001 Korean standard (baekmuk foundry)
ko-hanyang (V) X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-kaist (V) X11 fonts for Korean KSC 5601 standard (kaist foundry)
ko-mizi (V) X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-x11fonts (V) Korean X11 fonts
konsole Terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment
kscreen (V) KDE screen management software
kscreenlocker (V) Library and components for secure lock screen architecture
ksysguard (V) Track and control the processes running in your system
kterm Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X
ktextwidgets Advanced text editing widgets
kwayland (V) Qt-style Client and Server library wrapper for the Wayland libraries
kwidgetsaddons Addons to QtWidgets
kwin (V) KDE Window manager
kwindowsystem Access to the windowing system
kxmlgui User configurable main windows
labltk Tk bindings for ocaml
layer-shell-qt (V) Qt component to allow applications to use the Wayland wl-layer-shell protocol
ldtp (V) GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project
lemonbar Featherweight lemon-scented bar
lemonbar-xft Featherweight lemon-scented bar
lesstif API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit
libdesktop-agnostic Desktop-agnostic library, apis and tools
libdrm Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
libdrm-dfbsd (V) Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
libdrm-dfbsd-meson (V) Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
libfakekey X Virtual Keyboard Library
libfm-qt Core library of PCManFM-Qt
libFS X Font Server Interface Library
libgdm Gnome Display Manager - client library
libgnomekbd Gnome keyboard configuration library
libICE Inter Client Exchange (ICE) library for X
libkactivities4 KDE Activity Manager
libkscreen KDE screen management software
libksysguard (V) Library to track and control the processes running in your system
liblxqt Core utility library for all LXQt components
libmatekbd MATE keyboard configuration library
liboldXrandr X RandR extension (Library)
libqtxdg Qt implementation of xdg specs
libSM X Session Management Library
libunique Library for writing single instance applications (deprecated)
libunique3 Library for writing single instance applications
libwnck (V) Library to write pagers and tasklists
libwnck3 (V) Library to write pagers and tasklists
libX11 Base X libraries from modular Xorg X11
libXau Authorization Protocol for X from
libXaw X Athena Widgets Library from modular Xorg X11
libXaw3d X 3D Athena Widget Set
libXaw3dXft FreeType and UTF-8 support for libXaw3d
libxcb X protocol C-language Binding
libXcomposite X Composite Library
libXcursor Client-side cursor loading library for X
libxcvt VESA CVT standard timing modelines generator
libXdamage Xdamage extension (Library)
libxdg-basedir XDG Base Directory library
libXdmcp X Display Manager Control Protocol library from
libXext X Extension library
libxfce4ui Xfce widget library
libxfce4util Xfce basic library
libXfixes Xfixes library and extension of X RandR from modular
libXfont X font Library
libXfont2 X font Library (v2)
libXft Library for configuring and customizing font access
libXi X Input extension library
libXinerama X PanoramiX extension library
libxkbcommon Library to handle keyboard descriptions
libxkbfile The xkbfile Library from modular
libxklavier High-level API for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB)
libXmu X Miscellaneous Utilities library
libXpm X PixMap Library from modular Xorg X11
libXpresent Xlib-compatible API for the Present extension
libXrandr X RandR Library from
libXrender X Render Library
libXres X Resource Information Extension Library
libXScrnSaver X11 Screen Saver Library
libxshmfence Shared memory 'SyncFence' synchronization primitive
libXt X Toolkit Intrinsics library
libXtst X Tst Library
libXv Xv Extension library
libXvMC XVideo Motion Compensation Library
libXxf86dga Library for the XFree86-DGA X extension
libXxf86vm Library for the XFree86-VidMode X extension
listres List resources in widgets
lua-keybinder Lua bindings for the keybinder library
luit Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
lwm (V) Lightweight Window Manager
lxappearance GTK+ theme switcher
lxde-common Default configuration settings and scripts for LXDE
lxhotkey View and change global keyboard shortcuts for window manager actions
lxinput Simple graphical front end to configure keyboard and mouse
lxlauncher Program launcher for small screens
lxqt-about LXQt about dialog
lxqt-admin LXQt admin panel
lxqt-config System configuration control center
lxqt-globalkeys Daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration
lxqt-notificationd Notification daemon and library
lxqt-panel Desktop panel
lxqt-qtplugin LXQt platform integration plugin for Qt5
lxqt-runner Launch applications quickly by typing commands
lxqt-session Session manager
lxrandr Simple graphical front end to the xrandr extension
lxsession Session manager for LXDE
lxterminal Desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator with tabs
magicpoint (V) X11 based presentation tool
maim Screenshot utility with improvements over scrot
matchbox (V) The Matchbox window manager environment
matchbox-common Shared icons and configuration data for Matchbox
matchbox-desktop Desktop manager for Matchbox
matchbox-nest Matchbox Xnest wrapper
matchbox-panel Panel for Matchbox
matchbox-panel-manager Manager panel for the Matchbox desktop
matchbox-themes-extra Collection of themes for Matchbox
mate-applets MATE panel applets
mate-control-center MATE Control Center
mate-desktop MATE desktop library
mate-indicator-applet MATE indicator applet
mate-menus Implementation of the desktop menu specification for MATE
mate-panel MATE panel application
mate-screensaver Screen saver and locker for the MATE desktop
mate-session-manager MATE session manager
mate-settings-daemon MATE settings daemon
mate-terminal MATE terminal emulator application
mcookie Tool for creating cookies for xauth(1)
misaki-fonts (V) 8x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
mkcomposecache Used for creating global (system-wide) Compose cache files
mlterm Multilingual terminal emulator
modeline Calculates XF86 Modelines to configure your monitor for X11R6
modular-xorg-server Modular X11 server from modular
modular-xorg-xephyr Xephyr server based on kdrive from modular
modular-xorg-xquartz X11 server for Mac OS X
modular-xorg-xwayland Server for running X clients under Wayland from modular
motif LGPLed Motif toolkit for the X Window System
mowitz More widgets library providing X11 widgets
mozo Menu editor for MATE
mrxvt Multi-tabbed terminal emulator with Xft support
mutter (V) GNOME window manager
mxterm Motif XTerm
neXtaw NeXTstep-like widgets based on the Athena Widget set
nighthawk (V) C64 Paradroid clone
numlockx Allows you to start X with numlock turned on
nx-libs NX X11 protocol compression library
ocaml-graphics OCaml graphics library
ocaml-lablgtk GTK+ 2.x bindings for Objective Caml
ocaml-lablgtk3 GTK+ 3.x bindings for OCaml
olvwm (V) Open Look Virtual Window Manager
oneko Like xneko except on the desktop and with other animals
otpCalc (V) OTP and S/Key calculator for X
p5-Alien-wxWidgets Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries
p5-Clipboard Copy and paste with any OS
p5-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory Introduction into the FormFactory framework
p5-gtk3 Perl bindings for Gtk3
p5-Gtk3-SimpleList Easy-to-use Gtk3 list widget
p5-Tk Perl5 interface to Tk
p5-Wx Perl5 interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
p5-Wx-Perl-DataWalker (V) Shows a relatively simple Perl data structure browser
p5-Wx-Perl-ProcessStream Access IO of external processes via events from WxWidgets
p5-X11-Protocol Interface to the X11 protocol
picom Lightweight compositor for X11 (fork of Compton)
pixman Library of low-level pixel manipulation routines
plan (V) Schedule planner based on X/Motif
plasma-desktop (V) KDE Plasma Desktop
plasma-framework Plasma library and runtime components based upon KF5 and Qt5
plasma-integration (V) Integration of Qt application with KDE workspaces
plasma-workspace (V) KDE Plasma Workspace
plasma-workspace-wallpapers (V) Additional wallpapers for the Plasma Workspace
polclock (V) Digital clock with some nice graphics effects
polkit-kde-agent (V) Daemon providing a polkit authentication UI for KDE
powerdevil (V) Manages the power consumption settings of a Plasma Shell
py-etk-docking (V) PyGTK Docking Widgets
py-gtk2 Python bindings for GTK+2
py-gtksourceview Python bindings for gtksourceview2
py-keybinder Python bindings for the keybinder library
py-kiwi Framework and a set of enhanced PyGTK widgets
py-logilab-pigg (V) Python Interface Generator for Gtk implementation of the MVC pattern
py-mozterm (V) Terminal abstractions built around the blessings module
py-otherside Python Bindings for Qt
py-pyfaces (V) Traits-capable windowing framewor
py-pyperclip Python module for cross-platform clipboard functions
py-PySide2 (V) Python binding for Qt5
py-pytkgen (V) Create Tkinter GUIs from JSON definition files
py-qdarkstyle (V) The most complete dark/light style sheet for C++/Python
py-qstylizer (V) Qt Stylesheet Generator for PyQt/PySide
py-qt-builder PyQt-world build tool (sip extension)
py-qt5 Python binding for Qt5
py-qt5-qscintilla QScintilla -- Python bindings
py-qt5-webengine Python module for QtWebEngine (Chromium-based)
py-qt6 Python binding for Qt6
py-qtawesome (V) Iconic fonts in PyQt and PySide applications
py-qtconsole (V) Jupyter Qt console
py-qtgraph-qt5 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python
py-qtpy (V) Abstraction layer for PyQt5/PySide2/PyQt6/PySide6
py-qwt-qt5 Python PyQt wrapper for Qwt6
py-sip-qt5 Qt5 support for sip
py-sip-qt6 Qt6 support for sip
py-sip5 Tool to create Python bindings for C++ libraries (v5)
py-sip6 Tool to create Python bindings for C++ libraries
py-spyder-terminal (V) Run system terminals inside Spyder
py-terminator Terminator, multiple terminals in one window
py-terminator-plugins Set of plugins for terminator
py-Tk Tkinter -- Python interface to Tcl/Tk
py-traits (V) Manifest typing and reactive programming for Python
py-ttk (V) Ttk Python wrapper
py-vte Python bindings for the Vte terminal widget
py-wxPython GUI Toolkit for Python
py-xcbgen XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
py-xcffib (V) Python binding to the X Window System protocol via libxcb
py-Xlib XLib in pure Python
py-zenity (V) Easy to use frontend to Zenity
qqc2-desktop-style Style for Qt Quick Controls 2 to make it follow your desktop theme
qt4 meta-package for the QT GUI C++ toolkit
qt4-docs Documentation for the QT C++ X GUI toolkit
qt4-libs C++ X GUI toolkit
qt4-mng QT MNG image format plugin
qt4-mysql QT mysql driver
qt4-pgsql QT postgresql driver
qt4-qdbus QT DBus support
qt4-sqlite3 Qt4 sqlite3 driver
qt4-tiff QT TIFF image format plugin
qt4-tools QT GUI (WYSIWYG) builder and other tools
qt5 meta-package for version 5 of the QT GUI C++ toolkit
qt5-mysql Qt5 MySQL plugin
qt5-odbc Qt5 odbc plugin
qt5-psql Qt5 PostgreSQL plugin
qt5-qscintilla Scintilla C++ editor class for Qt5
qt5-qtbase C++ X GUI toolkit
qt5-qtcharts Qt5 module for charts framework
qt5-qtconnectivity Qt5 module for connectivity framework
qt5-qtdeclarative Qt5 module for declarative framework
qt5-qtdoc Qt5 documentations
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects Qt5 module for Graphics effects
qt5-qtimageformats Qt5 module for Image formats
qt5-qtlocation Qt5 module for qtlocation
qt5-qtmacextras Qt5 module for Mac extras
qt5-qtmultimedia Qt5 module for multimedia
qt5-qtnetworkauth Qt5 module for networkauth framework
qt5-qtquickcontrols Qt5 module for QuickControls
qt5-qtquickcontrols2 Next generation user interface controls based on Qt Quick
qt5-qtscript Qt5 module for script
qt5-qtscxml Qt5 module for scxml framework
qt5-qtsensors Qt5 module for Sensors
qt5-qtserialport Qt5 module for Serial Port
qt5-qtspeech Qt5 module to make text to speech and speech recognition easy
qt5-qtsvg Qt5 module for SVG
qt5-qttools Qt5 tools
qt5-qttranslations Qt5 translations
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard Qt5 module for virtualkeyboard framework
qt5-qtwayland Qt5 module for Wayland support
qt5-qtwebchannel Qt5 WebChannel module
qt5-qtwebengine Chromium-based web engine for Qt5
qt5-qtwebkit Qt5 WebView module
qt5-qtwebsockets Qt5 module for websockets
qt5-qtx11extras Qt5 module for X11 extras
qt5-qtxmlpatterns Qt5 module for XML Patterns
qt5-styleplugins Qt 5 extra widget styles
qt5ct Tool for customizing Qt5-apps outside KDE
qt6-qtbase C++ X GUI toolkit
qt6-qtserialport Qt6 module for Serial Port
qt6ct Qt6 configuration tool
qterminal Terminal emulator for Qt5
qtermwidget Terminal emulator widget for Qt5
qtxdg-tools User tools for LXQt components
qwt-qt4 Qt widget library for technical purposes
qwt6-qt4 Qt widget library for technical purposes
qwt6-qt5 Qt widget library for technical purposes
qwtplot3d-qt4 3D-widgets for qt4
rapidsvn (V) Cross-platform Subversion GUI
ratmen Allows you to create X menus from the shell
rclock (V) Analog clock for X w/appointment reminder and mail notification
read-edid Read EDID from monitor
redshift Adjust screen color temperature based on the position of the sun
rendercheck XRender test application
rep-gtk2 GTK2 librep bindings (used by wm/sawfish)
rgb RGB color database
rofi Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
rox-session Very simple session manager
rox-wallpaper For setting the backdrop
rterm Port of suckless terminal to rust
ruby-gtk3 Ruby binding of GTK+-3.x
ruby-gtksourceview3 Ruby binding of gtksourceview3
ruby-tk Tk interface module using tcltklib
rxvt Low memory usage xterm replacement that supports color
rxvt-unicode Clone of rxvt supporting Xft fonts and Unicode
sakura Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE that supports tab
sawfish (V) Extensible window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp
sessreg Manage utmp/wtmp entries for xdm
setxkbmap Set the keyboard map using the X Keyboard Extension
slim Simple login manager
slock Simple X11 screen locker
slop X display selection tool
space_dapp Tiny dock app to create an empty space
speyes South Park XEyes clone
ssystem Solar System Flyby Simulator
st-term Simple terminal implementation for X
stalonetray Stand-alone system tray
startup-notification X11 application startup notification library
sunclock (V) Show which portion of the Earth's surface is illuminated by the Sun
swisswatch (V) Swiss railway clock emulation, and a fancy default appearance
swt Standard Widget Toolkit for Java
sxhkd Simple X hotkey daemon
systemsettings (V) KDE system settings
tabbed Simple generic tabbed frontend to xembed aware applications
Terminal (V) GNUstep terminal emulator
tilda (V) Terminal like the classic first-person-shooter games
tile X11 Window Tiler
tint2 Lightweight panel/taskbar for X11
titrax (V) Little X11 tool to track project times
tk Graphical toolkit for TCL
tk-BWidget High-level Widget Set for Tcl/Tk
tk-Tix Powerful widget library for Tcl/Tk
tk85 Graphical toolkit for TCL
tkcron (V) Graphical frontend to crontab
tkinfo Tk script to read and display GNU info files
tktable Full-featured 2D table widget for Tk
transset Utility for setting opacity property
tvtwm (V) Classic twm with virtual desktop support
twm (V) Tom's Window Manager
tzosdclock OnScreen Display Clock for Multiple Timezones
unclutter Remove idle cursor image from screen
unibar Simple status bar in rust
unicode-screensaver Screensaver that repeatedly randomly picks an unicode character
uwm (V) X11R3 window manager
vdesk (V) Virtual desktop manager
vfontcap-kochi (V) Configuration file for VFlib to use kochi-ttf
viewres Display widget class hierarchy of the Athena Widget Set
vinagre (V) VNC client for GNOME
vte Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N support
vte3 Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N support
vtwm (V) TWM with virtual desktop, m4, sound and 3-D buttons
wdm WINGs display manager
windowmaker (V) GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) window manager clone
windowmaker-desktop (V) Provides a desktop based on the WindowMaker wm
wired-notify Lightweight notification daemon with customizable layout blocks
wm2 (V) Minimalist window manager for X
wmakerconf (V) Gtk+ based configuration tool for Window Maker
wmavgload Another WindowMaker load gauge
wmbiff (V) WindowMaker xbuffy-like mail-checker
wmCalClock (V) Another WindowMaker calendar/clock dockapp
wmextra (V) Extras for Window Maker window manager
wmfire Displays generated fire according to system load
wmfstatus General purpose 8x5 LCD screen for WindowMaker
wmitime (V) Windowmaker dockapp for time/date/itime
wmmail (V) WindowMaker xbiff-like mail-checker
wmmoonclock (V) Shows lunar ephemeris to fairly high accuracy
wmnetload (V) Windowmaker dockapp to monitor network interface usage
wmtime (V) Time/Date applet for WindowMaker
wmweather WindowMaker DockApp showing local weather conditions
wmx (V) Another X11 window manager based on wm2
wmx-gnome (V) Another X11 window manager based on wm2, with GNOME compliance
worker Highly configurable two-panes file manager for X11
wterm NeXTStep(tm) style X11 terminal emulator for WindowMaker
wxGTK30 Cross-platform wxWidgets GUI library (3.0 branch)
wxGTK32 Cross-platform wxWidgets GUI library (3.2 stable branch)
wxWindows-docs HTML documentation for wxWindows
x11perf X11 server benchmark suite
x11vnc VNC server for real X displays
x2go-client Qt client for the X2Go remote desktop system
x2x One keyboard and mouse to control multiple X displays
x3270 3270 Terminal emulators (X11 and/or curses)
xaniroc Animate your root-cursor
XaoS Zoomable fractal rendering doodad
xauth X authentication utility
xautolock Activate xlock after a user defined time of inactivity
Xaw-Xpm Enhanced 3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set and Xaw3d
xbacklight Adjust backlight brightness using RandR extension
Xbae Motif-compatible widgets: XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption, XbaeInput
xbanish Banish the mouse cursor when typing
xbanner Make XDM login screen look pretty
xbeats (V) Beats clock dockable in both Window Maker and AfterStep
xbindkeys Launches shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse
xbindkeys-tk Launches shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse (Tk interface)
xbitmaps Common X11 bitmaps
xbrightness Brightness and gamma correction through the X server
xcalc Scientific calculator for X
xcalib Loads VCGT tag of monitor ICC profile into X server LUT
xcb Extensible, multiple cut buffers for X
xcb-imdkit Implementation of xim protocol in xcb
xcb-proto XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
xcb-util XCB Utilities
xcb-util-cursor XCB port of Xlib's libXcursor
xcb-util-errors Library for helping debug xcb problems
xcb-util-image XCB port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage
xcb-util-keysyms XCB Utilities
xcb-util-renderutil Convenience functions for the Render extension
xcb-util-wm Client and window-manager helpers for ICCCM and EWMH
xcb-util-xrm XCB utility functions for the X resource manager
xclip Command line interface to the X windows clipboard
xclipboard Manage the X server clipboard
xcmsdb Loads, queries, or removes Device Color Characterization data
xcolor Lightweight color picker for X11
xcolors Display all (ok, most of) the colors in the universe
xcolorsel Browse and select named X colors from rgb.txt
xcompmgr Sample compositing manager for >= 6.8.0
xconsole X11 client to display console messages
xcruise Navigate through a three-dimensional view of a file system
xcursor Client-side cursor loading library for X
xcursor-capitaine Cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze
xcursor-core-hr High-resolution version of X11 core cursor theme
xcursor-themes Modular xcursor themes
xcursor-vanilla-dmz Style neutral, scalable cursor theme
xcursorgen Prepare X11 cursor sets for use with libXcursor
xdaemon BSD Daemon sticking on your desktop (like xteddy)
xdaemon2 BSD Daemon sticking on your desktop (like xteddy)
xdaliclock (V) Animated digital clock
xdesktopwaves Simulates water waves on the X Windows desktop
xdg-user-dirs Tool to manage well known user directories
xdialog X11 drop-in replacement for the curses dialog program
xditview Display ditroff output on an X display
xdm X Display Manager from modular
xdm3d Replacement for xdm with 3D effects
xdo Small X utility to perform elementary actions on windows
xdotool Simulate keyboard input and mouse activity using X11 xtest extension
xdpyinfo Display information utility for X
xdriinfo DRI information utility
xearth Rotating map of the Earth in X11 root window
xedit Simple text editor for X
xephem Interactive astronomical ephemeris program
xev Display X events
xeyes Follow the mouse demo
xf86-input-elographics Elographics input driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-input-joystick Joystick input driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-input-keyboard Modular Xorg keyboard driver
xf86-input-mouse Modular Xorg mouse driver
xf86-input-vmmouse Modular Xorg VMware virtual mouse driver
xf86-input-void Modular Xorg dummy input driver
xf86-input-ws OpenBSD's wscons input driver for modular
xf86-video-amdgpu Modular Xorg ATI (Tonga, Carrizo, Iceland, Fiji, Stoney) driver
xf86-video-apm Modular Xorg Alliance ProtMotion video driver
xf86-video-ark Modular Xorg ARK Logic video driver
xf86-video-ast Modular Xorg AST2000 video driver
xf86-video-ati Modular Xorg ATI Radeon video driver
xf86-video-ati6 Modular Xorg ATI Radeon video driver (v6)
xf86-video-chips Modular Xorg Chips and Technologies video driver
xf86-video-cirrus Modular Xorg Cirrus Logic video driver
xf86-video-dummy Virtual/offscreen frame buffer driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-fbdev Video driver for framebuffer device
xf86-video-glint Modular Xorg GLINT/Permedia video driver
xf86-video-i128 Modular Xorg Number 9 I128 video driver
xf86-video-i740 Modular Xorg Intel i740 video driver
xf86-video-intel Modular Xorg Intel video driver
xf86-video-mach64 Modular Xorg ATI Mach64 video driver
xf86-video-mga Modular Xorg Matrox video driver
xf86-video-neomagic Modular Xorg Neomagic video driver
xf86-video-nouveau New (or nouveau) NVidia driver for modular
xf86-video-nv Modular Xorg NVIDIA video driver
xf86-video-openchrome Modular Xorg OpenChrome driver for VIA UniChrome video chipsets
xf86-video-qxl QXL virtual GPU
xf86-video-r128 Modular Xorg ATI Rage128 video driver
xf86-video-rendition Modular Xorg Rendition video driver
xf86-video-s3 Modular Xorg S3 video driver
xf86-video-s3virge Modular Xorg S3 ViRGE video driver
xf86-video-savage Modular Xorg S3 Savage video driver
xf86-video-siliconmotion Modular Xorg Silicon Motion video driver
xf86-video-sis Modular Xorg SiS and XGI video driver
xf86-video-suncg14 CG14 video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-suncg3 CG3 video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-suncg6 GX/Turbo GX video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-sunffb SUNFFB video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-sunleo Leo video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-suntcx TCX video driver for the Xorg X server
xf86-video-tdfx Modular Xorg 3Dfx video driver
xf86-video-tga Modular Xorg TGA video driver
xf86-video-trident Modular Xorg Trident video driver
xf86-video-tseng Modular Xorg Tseng Labs video driver
xf86-video-vboxvideo Modular Xorg VirtualBox virtual video driver
xf86-video-vesa Modular Xorg VESA video driver
xf86-video-vmware Modular Xorg VMware virtual video driver
xf86-video-voodoo Voodoo/Voodoo2 video driver
xf86-video-wsfb Modular Xorg wsdisplay framebuffer video driver
xf86-video-xgi Modular Xorg XGI video driver
xf86dga Simple test client for the XFree86-DGA extension
xfce4-clipman-plugin Xfce clipboard plugin
xfce4-dashboard Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce
xfce4-desktop Xfce desktop background manager
xfce4-exo Xfce extension library
xfce4-eyes-plugin Xfce eyes plugin
xfce4-garcon Xfce menu library
xfce4-indicator-plugin Xfce indicator plugin
xfce4-notes-plugin Xfce notes plugin
xfce4-notifyd Xfce Notify daemon
xfce4-panel Xfce panel
xfce4-places-plugin Xfce Places plugin
xfce4-screenshooter Xfce screenshot application
xfce4-session Xfce session manager
xfce4-settings Xfce settings manager
xfce4-terminal Xfce terminal emulator
xfce4-tumbler D-Bus thumbnailing service
xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin Alternate application launcher for Xfce
xfd Display all the characters in an X font
xfishtank Make fish swim in the background of your screen
xflame Draws a flame on the screen
xfontsel X font selector
xforms Graphical user interface toolkit for X Window System
xfsinfo Utility for displaying information about an X font server
xfstt TrueType font server for X11
xgamma Alter gamma correction
xgas Animated simulation of an ideal gas
xgrk Greek keyboard switcher for X11
xhangglider Hanggliders fly in the background of the X screen
xhost Server access control program for X
xicc Load ICC profile into X server
xidle Run a program on X inactivity
xinit X init program
xinput Diagnostic utility for inputs in X
xisxwayland Detect if X server is Xwayland
xjman Japanized X manual from The X Japanese Documentation Project
xkbcomp XKBD keymap compiler
xkbd On-screen keyboard for X, useful for palmtops
xkbdata Xorg keyboard maps and layouts
xkbevd Possible replacement for xev (work in progress)
xkbprint Generate printable description of a XKB keyboard description
xkbset Manages XKB features of the X window system
xkbutils Small utilities utilizing the X11 XKeyboard (XKB) extension
xkeyboard-config X Keyboard Configuration Database
xkeycaps Graphical front-end to xmodmap
xkill Kill X clients
xlax Multi-window input software
xless X11 text viewer; useful as an add-on tool for other apps
xload System load average display for X
xlockmore Like the XLock session-locker/screensaver, but with more
xlockmore-lite lite version of xlockmore
xlogo X Window System logo
xlogout Quick logout button
xlsatoms Lists the interned atoms defined on an X11 server
xlsclients X client listing utility
xlsfonts Lists available fonts
xlt OpenMotif/Lesstif Widget library
xlupe Magnifier for X
xmag Magnify parts of the screen
xman Manual page browser
xmascot Moving mascot on your X-Window screen
xmem Memory and swap meter for X11
xmessage X11 message utility
xmh Provides a GUI to the MH Message Handling System
XmHTML Motif Widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text
xmindpath MindPath PocketPoint user-level driver for X11
xmodmap X modmap program
xmon Interactive X protocol monitor
xmore Plain text display program for X
xmountains Fractal terrain generator for X11
xmove Move an X11 display between screens and displays
xmx X11 Protocol Multiplexor
xneko Classic BSD4.4 cat-and-mouse
xnodecor Borderless or undecorated window support utility
xnotify Read notifications from stdin and display them on the screen
xorg-cf-files Xorg imake rules
xorgproto Various X headers from Xorg X11
xosd Library to display shaped text on your X display
xp Fast X11 text file viewer using Athena widgets
xpad Sticky notes application for GTK+ 2.0
xpaste Display the content of the X11 paste buffer in a window
xpenguins Little penguins walking along the tops of your windows
xphoon Set the root window to the moon in its current phase
xplanet Rotating rendered map of the Earth in X11 root window
xpmicons Huge collection of icons for any windowmanager
xpns Petri-Net Simulator for Xwindows
xpostit Post notes to yourself on the screen
xpr Formats xwd dump files as output for various types of printers
xprop Property displayer for X
xrandr Primitive command line interface to RandR extension
xrdb X server resource database utility
xrectsel Print the geometry of a rectangular screen region
xrefresh X Refresher
xrestop X11 clients' server-side resource usage monitor
xroach (V) Cockroaches hide under your windows
xrootconsole Windowless XConsole
xscope Tool to monitor X11/Client conversations
xscreensaver Screen saver and locker for the X window system
xscribble Handwriting recognition (like graffiti)
xscript X Window system script recording and playback
xsel Manipulate the X selection
xservers Old X11 servers for use under XFree86 4.x
xset X11 user preferences utility
xsetroot X root window parameter setting program
xsm X Session Manager
xsnow Create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
xss-lock Use external locker as X screen saver
xst st fork that adds support for Xresources
xstdcmap Selectively defines standard colormap properties
xtar View and manipulate the contents of a tar file
xteddy Cuddly teddy bear for your desktop
xteddy2 Teddy bear for your desktop
xterm Latest terminal emulator for the X Window System
xtermcontrol Dynamic control of xterm properties
xtermset Change things like foreground color, size etc. on an xterm
xtimer (V) Super simple digital timer for X11
xtoolwait Free implementation of SunOS toolwait(1)
xtrace Trace communication between X11 client and server
xtrans Network API translation layer to insulate X
xtrlock Simple X11 screen lock tool
xtruss Easy-to-use X protocol tracing program
xvattr Modify Xv attributes
xvidcap Capture X display to individual frames or MPEG video
xvidtune Client interface to the X server video mode extension
xview OpenLook Toolkit meta-package
xview-clients OpenLook applications and man pages
xview-config OpenLook Toolkit config files
xview-lib OpenLook Toolkit libs, includes, and man pages
xvinfo Query X-Video capabilities
xvkbd The xvkbd is a virtual (graphical) keyboard program for X
xwatchwin Watch a window on another X server
xwd Dump X11 display or window to XWD X Window Dump image file
xwininfo Query information about X windows
xwit Utility for calling X11 functions from the shell
xworld Earth as seen from the direction of the sun
xwrits Wrist break reminder for prevention of repetitive stress injuries
xwud Display XWD X Window Dump image file
xxkb XXKB - switches and indicates a current keyboard layout
yad Display GTK+ dialog boxes from the command line
zenity Display GNOME dialogs from the command line