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dtcpclient Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
dtorrent Enhanced CTorrent, a BitTorrent console client written in C/C++
dynipclient Client for the dynamic DNS service
echoping Test performance of a remote TCP service
ed2k-gtk-gui GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet
edonkey2k Yet another P2P file sharing tool
ekiga VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME
entropy Anonymous peer-to-peer networking node (similar to Freenet)
ether2dns Converter from /etc/ethers to IPv6 DNS records
etherape Graphical network monitor
ettercap Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ettercap-NG Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ez-ipupdate Client to update dynamic DNS entries
fair-identd Fast RFC-1413 identd running under inetd that returns no useful info
fetch Client to fetch URLs
filezilla FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with intuitive GUI
firewalk Determines the filter rules on a packet forwarding device
flodo Simple network flow sampling tool
flow-tools Collect and store NetFlow data
fmirror Mirror program for FTP sites (written in C)
fpdns Fingerprinting DNS servers
fping Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the network
fping6 Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the network
freenet-tools Freenet Tools, freesite manipulation tools for Freenet and Entropy
freeradius Free RADIUS server implementation
freeradius2 Free RADIUS server implementation
freewais-sf Enhanced Wide Area Information Server
ftplibpp C++ class providing ftp client functionality
ftpproxy Application level gateway for FTP
ganglia-monitor-core (V) Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
gated Routing protocol daemon
gethost Hostname and IP resolver for testing /etc/hosts and nsswitch.conf
gift Modular daemon that abstracts filesharing protocols
gift-fasttrack Fasttrack plugin for giFT
gift-gnutella Gnutella plugin for giFT
gift-openft OpenFT Plugin for the gift daemon
giftcurs Curses frontend to the giFT daemon
gini Free streaming media server
gkrellm-multiping Pings several machines and prints out stats
gkrellm-snmp GKrellM plugin to display values collected from a SNMP agent
gkrellm-wireless Wavelan signal strength monitor for gkrellm
glib-networking Network-related giomodules for glib
gnapfetch Update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap
gnet Simple network library
gnet1 Simple network library (older version)
gnetcat Read and write data across network connections
gnome-netstatus Network status applet for the GNOME panel
gnome-nettool GNOME interface for various network tools
gnome-vfs-smb GNOME Virtual File System (v2) - smb plugin
gnugk H.323 Gatekeeper
gofish Gopher server
gopher Distributed document delivery client
gsnmp SNMP library
gssdp SSDP library
gst-plugins0.10-libnice IETF's draft Interactice Connectivity Establishment standard implementation
gst-plugins0.10-mms Open source multimedia framework - mms plugin
gst-plugins0.10-soup Open source multimedia framework - soup plugin
gt-itm GT Internetwork Topology Models
gtk-gnutella GTK-based gnutella client
gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget for GTK
gtk_wicontrol GTK+-based Wavelan status meter
gupnp Framework for UPnP devices
gupnp-av Helpers for audio/video applications using GUPnP
gupnp-igd Library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
gupnp-tools Framework for UPnP devices
hesiod Hesiod network database client and library
hf6to4 Enables 6to4 IPv6 automatic tunnels
hlfl High Level Firewall Language
hobbitclient Free-software client for the Hobbit monitor
hobbitmon Network services monitor a la Big Brother
host Powerful DNS query and testing tool
howl Zeroconf (Rendezvous) implementation
hping Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
hping3 Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
httping Like 'ping' but for http-requests
httptunnel Encapsulate TCP/IP connections in HTTP requests
icsi-finger Distributed finger service
iftop Display bandwidth usage on an interface
inadyn Dynamic DNS client
ipcalc IP Calculator
ipcheck Python client for the dyndns service
iperf TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
ipgrab Verbose packet sniffer for UNIX hosts
iplog Iplog is a tool using pcap to log IP traffic
ipv6calc Manipulates IPv6 addresses
ipw whois replacement that automatically queries several databases
irrd Internet Routing Registry Daemon
irrtoolset5 The Internet Routing Registry Toolset - client to IRRd
isc-dhclient4 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Client
isc-dhcp4 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Base
isc-dhcpd4 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server
isc-dhcrelay4 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay
ishell Allow remote shell using ICMP
isic Ip Stack Integrity Checker (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.)
ispman ISP management software written in perl
istgt Configurable iSCSI target
jftpgw FTP gateway/proxy
jigdo Tool to ease downloading of large files from the Internet
jumpgate TCP connection forwarder with capture and syslog support
jwhois Configurable WHOIS client