New packages New packages, past week:


          COMMENT: LXQt pcmanfm Qt frontend
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Terminal emulator for Qt5
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Core library of PCManFM-Qt
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Terminal emulator widget for Qt5
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Core utility library for all LXQt components
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Image viewer and screenshot tool for the LXQt desktop
          MAINTAINER(S): voidpin


          COMMENT: Plugins for mikutter to use Twitter
          MAINTAINER(S): tsutsui


          COMMENT: Collection of QtQuick components for building fluid
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: ANSI C routine library for the solution of sparse linear systems
          MAINTAINER(S): thomas.orgis