New packages New packages, past week:


          COMMENT: Transform timestamps with a simple DSL
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Coffee Script adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Python client library for Google Maps Platform
          MAINTAINER(S): kleink


          COMMENT: Python subprocess replacement
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Add .env support to your django/flask apps
          MAINTAINER(S): wen


          COMMENT: Test that some code calls exit() without terminating testing
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: DNS zone file analyzer targeted at TLD zones
          MAINTAINER(S): fcambus


          COMMENT: Reference homeserver for the Matrix decentralised comms protocol
          MAINTAINER(S): js-pkgsrc


          COMMENT: Wrapper for the builtin Perl interpolation engine
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Simple man page generator
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Script to convert ledger to beancount
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Layered configuration, because configs are like ogres
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Command-line double-entry bookkeeping
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Zip management extension with libzip
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Infrastructure orchestration tool
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Terraform provider for Amazon Web Services
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: High-level dynamically typed programming language
          MAINTAINER(S): cfkoch


          COMMENT: MariaDB 10.4, a free SQL database (server)
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: LAS 1.0/1.1/1.2 ASPRS LiDAR data translation toolset
          MAINTAINER(S): thomas.orgis


          COMMENT: MariaDB 10.4, a free SQL database (client)
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users