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p5-PDF-Reuse-Barcode (V) Create barcodes for PDF documents with PDF::Reuse
p5-PostScript Produce PostScript files from Perl
p5-PostScript-MailLabels Create PostScript for printing on mailing label stock
p5-PostScript-Simple Produce PostScript files from Perl
p5-biblatex-biber Replacement of bibtex for users of BibLaTeX
papersize Manipulate the default papersize in certain packages
paps Pango to PostScript converter
pcps Converts text files to PostScript(tm)
pdf-redact-tools Strip metadata from documents before publishing
pdf2djvu Creates DjVu files from PDF files
pdfjam Small collection of PDF utilities
pdflib C library to produce PDF files
pdflib-lite C library to produce PDF files
pdfmod PDF Mod is a simple tool for modifying PDF documents
pdfshuffler Simple PDF editor
pdvipsk DVI-to-PostScript translator with Japanese support
php-pdflib PHP extension for PDFlib on-the-fly PDF generation
pmw High quality music typesetting program
pnm2ppa Filter to convert PNM file to PPA used by some HP DJ printer
podofo Library to work with the PDF file format
poppler PDF rendering library
poppler-cpp PDF rendering library (cpp wrapper)
poppler-data Support files for poppler
poppler-glib PDF rendering library (GLib wrapper)
poppler-includes Poppler Xpdf includes (unsupported)
poppler-qt4 PDF rendering library (QT4 wrapper)
poppler-qt5 PDF rendering library (QT5 wrapper)
poppler-utils PDF utilities (from poppler)
poppler016 PDF rendering library
poppler016-qt3 PDF rendering library (QT wrapper)
poster Resize a ps image to print on larger media and/or multiple sheets
pscal Produces simple, nice-looking PostScript calendars
psify Pretty print C, CLU, SCHEME, Java and ARGUS source files
psjoin Concatenate PostScript files
pslib C-library to create PostScript files
psutils Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
ptexenc Library for Japanese pTeX and its tools
py-PDF2 PDF library for python
py-Pdf PDF library
py-cups Python bindings for the CUPS API
py-pisa HTML2pdf converter (obsolete, use print/py-weasyprint instead)
py-poppler Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library
py-pslib Python bindings for pslib
py-reportlab Powerful PDF-generating toolkit for Python
py-weasyprint Converts HTML/CSS documents to PDF
qpdf Structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files
qpdfview Tabbed PDF viewer
rlpr Work-alike of lpr to print directly to remote printer
rtf2latex Filter that converts RTF (MS's Rich Text Format) into LaTeX
rtf2latex2e RTF to LaTeX2e converter
ruby-Ascii85 (V) Ascii85 encoder/decoder
ruby-gnome2-poppler Ruby binding of poppler-glib
ruby-net-ping (V) Ping interface for Ruby
ruby-pdf-core PDF::Core is used by Prawn to render PDF documents
ruby-pdf-reader Library for accessing the content of PDF files
ruby-pdf-writer PDF generation library
ruby-prawn Fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
scribus Publishing layout with graphical interface
scribus-qt4 Publishing layout with graphical interface
seetexk Utilities for manipulating DVI files
stylewriter Apple StyleWriter driver for un*x
tcl-pdflib Tcl interface to PDFlib for generating PDF files
teTeX Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems
teTeX3-bin TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - binaries
teTeX3-texmf Machine-independent part of teTeX
tex-2up TeX package to print a document two-up
tex-2up-doc Documentation for tex-2up
tex-FAQ-en-doc Compilation of Frequently Asked Questions with answers
tex-IEEEconf Macros for IEEE conference proceedings
tex-IEEEconf-doc Documentation for tex-IEEEconf
tex-IEEEtran LaTeX class for IEEE journals and conferences
tex-IEEEtran-doc Documentation for tex-IEEEtran
tex-MemoirChapStyles-doc Chapter styles in memoir class
tex-SIstyle Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles
tex-SIstyle-doc Documentation for tex-SIstyle
tex-SIunits International System of Units
tex-SIunits-doc Documentation for tex-SIunits
tex-Type1fonts-doc Font installation guide
tex-a0poster Support for designing posters on large paper
tex-a0poster-doc Documentation for tex-a0poster
tex-a4wide Wide a4 layout for LaTeX
tex-a4wide-doc Documentation for tex-a4wide
tex-a5comb A5 paper sizes support for LaTeX
tex-a5comb-doc Documentation for tex-a5comb
tex-abc Support ABC music notation in LaTeX
tex-abc-doc Documentation for tex-abc
tex-abntex2 Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules
tex-abntex2-doc Documentation for tex-abntex2
tex-abstract Control the typesetting of the abstract environment.
tex-abstract-doc Documentation for tex-abstract
tex-acmconf Class for ACM conference proceedings
tex-acmconf-doc Documentation for tex-acmconf
tex-acmtrans Class and BibTeX style for ACM Transactions
tex-acmtrans-doc Documentation for tex-acmtrans
tex-acromake Make commands for acronyms in LaTeX
tex-acromake-doc Documentation for tex-acromake
tex-acronym Expand acronyms at least once
tex-acronym-doc Documentation for tex-acronym
tex-adjustbox Graphics package-alike macros for general boxes
tex-adjustbox-doc Documentation for tex-adjustbox