./comms/snooper, Serial line protocol analyzer (need two serial interfaces)

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q2, Version: 19991202nb1, Package name: snooper-19991202nb1, Maintainer: itojun

Snooper is a tool for snooping communication between two devices
that communicate with an RS232C serial line.

For example, say you would like to snoop the following configuration
partyA ---cableAB--- partyB
where partyA is a computer and partyB is a computer/modem/digi-cam/whatever.

A third machine called "console" running snooper can be used to snoop
the connection between partyA and cableAB, as follows:
partyA ---cableX--- <dev0>console<dev1>---cableAB--- party B

cableX must be cross-cable (a cable to connect two computers).

Command-line options:
% snooper [-options] dev0 dev1
-bBAUD specifies baud rate.
-u don't use uucp locking (questionable option)

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